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01 Approving Guidlines for Community Develment Block Grant Programs[Icon] 2016-01 1 Administrative Services Department
02 Establishing a Re-Configured, Five-Member Historic Preservation Advisory Board[Icon] 2016-02 2 Town Clerk Department
03 Formation of Communitty Facilities District, Authorizing the Levy of a Special Tax, and Submitting the Levy of Special Tax to Qualified Electors[Icon] 2016-03 24 Administrative Services Department
04 Resolution of the Town Council Authorizing the Execution of the Certifications and Assurances and Authorized Agent Forms for the Low Carbon Transit Operation Program ‎(LCTOP)‎[Icon] 2016-04 2 Town Clerk Department
05 Resolution of the Town Council Authorizing the Execution of the Low Carbon Transit Operations Program ‎(LCTOP)‎ Project: Employee Winter Shuttle $15,702[Icon] 2016-05 2 Town Clerk Department
06 Results of Special Election and Directing Recording of Notice of Special Tax Lien[Icon] 2016-06 3 Administrative Services Department
07 Rescinding Resolution 2007-05 and Revising Implementation Procedures for the Collection of Traffic Impact Fees[Icon] 2016-07 13 Administrative Services Department
08 AB 1600 Facilities Impact Fee Rate setting and preservation of fund held over five years[Icon] 2016-08 3 Administrative Services Department
09 CalRecycle Grant Application authorization[Icon] 2016-09 1 Solid Waste/Recycling
10 Approving Updated Affordable Housing in-Lieu Fee Based on th Approved Guidelines and Procedures[Icon] 2016-10 6 Planning Division
11 Continue the Tiered Implementation of the Workforce Housing Requirements[Icon] 2016-11 3 Planning Division
12 Approving Application for Grant Funds from the State Department of Parks and Recreation, Division of Boating and Waterways Quagga and Zebra Mussel Infestation Prevention Fee Grant Program[Icon] 2013-12 2 Animal Services Division
13 Authorizing Federal Funding Under FTA Section 5311 ‎(49 U.s.C. Section 5311)‎ With California Department of Transportation[Icon] 2013-13 2 Transit
14 Transit and Paratransit Services Drug and Alcohol Policy[Icon] 2016-14 2 Transit
15 Nevada County Transportation Commissions 2016-17 Overall Work Program[Icon] 2016-15 1 Transit
16 Community Facilities District for Brickelltown Assessment Levy[Icon] 2016-16 3 Engineering Division
17 Community Facilties District for Joerger Ranch Trail Maintenance[Icon] 2016-17 3 Engineering Division
18 Railyard Artist Lofts Master Plan Amendment[Icon] 2016-18 7 Planning Division
19 Railyard Artist Loft Downtown Specific Plan Amendment[Icon] 2016-19 6 Planning Division
20 Railyard Artist Lofts Development Permit[Icon] 2016-20 172 Planning Division
21 Nevada County Transportation Funding Request[Icon] 2016-21 1 Transit
22 Nevada County Transportation Funding Request[Icon] 2016-22 1 Transit
23 Confirming Parcel Charges and Directions to Nevada County Auditor for Collection of Parcel Charges of Special Service Areas[Icon] 2016-23 6 Administrative Services Department
24 Granting a One Time Performance Based Pay to Town Manager[Icon] 2016-24 1 Administrative Services Department
26 Approving Application for Grant Funds for Active Transporatation Program[Icon] 2016-26 1 Transit
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