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<br />I <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />TOWN OF TRUCKEE <br />California <br /> <br />ORDINANCE 2009-02 <br /> <br />AN UNCODIFIED ORDINANCE OF THE TOWN OF TRUCKEE REGULATING THE <br />PLACEMENT AND PERMITTING OF GROUP AND TRANSITIONAL HOUSING <br /> <br />The Town Council of the Town of Truckee does hereby ordain as follows <br /> <br />Section I Recitals <br /> <br />A The State of California has established a regulatory structure for vanous types of group and transitional housing <br />designed to encourage community based treatment of persons with Impairments <br />B That structure effechvely prohibits local regulallOn of certain types of such hOUSing, allows limited regulation of other <br />types of such hOUSing and full local regulation of other types <br />C The mandate for such hOUSing and the state regulatory frameworl< must, to the extent legally pOSSible, be <br />administered In a manner consistent with protection of single family neighborhoods within the Town from <br />Inappropnate land use <br />D The proper forum for a reconClllallOn of those two goals IS the update of the hOUSing element of the General Plan <br />now underway <br />E Pending adoption of a new hOUSing element the Town Council Wishes to adopt Intenm regulations governing <br />transitional and group homes <br />F ReView of ordinances and poliCies adopted by other California Cities and public testimony received when additional <br />transitional hOUSing was proposed Within the Town has resulted In the Town Council determining that reasonable <br />spacing reqUirements between the vanous types of such hOUSing should be Imposed to obtain compatibility With <br />other resldenhalland uses The adopted spacing reqUirements are generally consistent With those Imposed by the <br />state on licenses It Issues for transitional and group homes to aVOid overconcentratlon of such uses and the adverse <br />effects of such overconcentratlon on surrounding neighborhoods <br />G It IS the express Intent of the Council In adopting thiS ordinance that It shalt not apply to rooming or boarding houses <br />as defined by the Town Development Code, those uses Will be regulated by the applicable Development Code <br />prOVIsions <br /> <br />Section 2 Group and TranSitional HOUSing where local regulation IS effectively preempted by the State of <br />California FIling of Neighborhood InformallOn Statement reqUired <br /> <br />The State of California has, by statute mandated that the follOWing types of group or transitional hOUSing be conSidered a <br />residential use for which no additional permitting can be reqUired when serving SIX or fewer persons or operating under <br />state license <br /> <br />. Intermediate Care Facility/Developmentally Disabled Habllltahve <br />. Immediate Care FaCIlity/Developmentally Disabled - Nursing <br />. Congregate liVing Health FaCIlity <br />. ReSidential Care FaCIlity - Medical <br />. ReSidential Care FaCIlity for the Elderly <br />. Pedlatnc Day Care FaCIlities <br />. AlcohoVDrug Abuse Recovery or Treatment FaCIlities <br /> <br />Any of the above uses which IS operating Within the Town from and after the effective date oflhls ordinance, shall file With <br />the Town a wntten statement regarding the nature of the faCIlity the number of clients served, the hours of operahon, and <br />a copy of any state license or grant funding agreement relating to the use and operation of the facility The neighborhood <br />information statement shall be a public record available for inspection by any Interested person(s) dunng regular Town <br />bUSiness hours <br />