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<br />I <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />I <br /> <br /> <br />TOWN OF TRUCKEE <br />TOWN COUNCIL <br /> <br />TEAM BUILDING WORKSHOP MINUTES <br /> <br />February 2-3, 20098:00 a.m. <br /> <br />13790 Ski View Loop, Truckee, CA <br /> <br />1. CALL TO ORDER - Mayor Brown called the meeting to order at 8:00 a.m. both days. <br /> <br />2. ROLL CALL: Council Members; Green, Anderson, deRyk-Jones, Vice Mayor Dee, and <br />Mayor Brown. <br /> <br />Staff Present: February 2, 2009, Dennis Crabb, Town Attorney, and Tony Lashbrook, <br />Town Manager. <br /> <br />Staff Present: February 3, 2009, Dan Wilkins, Public Works DirectorlTown Engineer, <br />Alex Terrazas, Assistant to the Town Manager, John McLaughlin, Community <br />Development Director, Nicholas Sensley, Chief of Police, Kim Szczurek, Administrative <br />Services Director, Dennis Crabb, Town Attorney, Tony Lashbrook, Town Manager, and <br />Judy Price, Town Clerk. <br /> <br />3. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE - deferred. <br /> <br />4. <br /> <br />PUBLIC COMMENT - None. <br /> <br />5.1 <br /> <br />Team Building for Council and Town Staff to improve working relationships and <br />set Town priorities for the coming year. <br />No Action Taken. Facilitator Dr. William Mathis report is on file with the Town Clerk. <br /> <br />February 2, 2009 8:45 <br />. Theme: achieving Town leadership at the next level. <br />. Philosophy of rainy day fund and cutting back? <br /> <br />. Defining Council's roles in community leadership. <br />o Uniqueness of Truckee/community assets. <br />o Expectations of citizens; shifting population. <br />o Heart of a Leader by Blanchard - passion in our lives/jobs. <br />o Exercise: <br />. Heart of a Leader: Council Members favorite passages. <br />. Core values. <br />. Uniqueness of Truckee. <br />. Doing business well: <br />o Improvements. <br />. Core services. <br />. Passions. <br /> <br />Town of Truckee <br />February 2-3, 2009 Teambuilding Workshop <br />Page 1 <br />