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Exhibit A <br /> GENERAL CONDITIONS: <br /> CONSTRUCTION: <br /> 1. Applicant shall notify the Town Engineer or designee two (2) weeks prior to commencing work. <br /> 2. Applicant shall notify the Town Engineer or designee upon completion of the project. Subsequent to that <br /> notification, no additional work may be done without application for an additional encroachment permit. <br /> 3. Applicant shall perform continuing maintenance to all trenches during the course of the project to insure the <br /> safe environment for the public. Trenches shall not be left open farther than 300 feet in advance of the pipe <br /> laying operation or 200 feet to the rear of the operation unless otherwise permitted by the Town Engineer or <br /> designee <br /> 4. Trenches may be left open ovemight if they are made safe by trench plating or other method approved by the <br /> Town Engineer or designee. Trench plating shall be secured. Trench materials may also be used as a barrier <br /> in conjunction with cones and lighted barricades, providing such materials are consistent and sufficient to <br /> create a true barrier and two traffic lanes are maintained. <br /> 5. Trenching spoils and other materials necessary for installation of the pipeline may be stored on -site, for a <br /> period of 14 days, if safely delineated, appropriate erosion control measures are taken, and barricades are in <br /> place to insure public safety. All materials and equipment not used or installed within 14 days after unloading <br /> shall be stored elsewhere, excluding approved locations as per item #6. Longer storage periods will be allowed <br /> with approval of the Town Engineer, or designee. <br /> 6. Any storage of equipment and materials or screening of materials on private property shall have written <br /> permission and conditions of restoration from the property owner prior to use. <br /> 7. Appropriate dust control measures shall be applied during construction. <br /> 8. The work contemplated by this permit shall in no way interfere with the designed drainage or established <br /> drainage. <br /> 9. All pipelines, laterals, and other appurtenances shall be a minimum of 30" in depth as measured from the <br /> existing grade within 18" of the edge of pavement. Valves, pressure regulators and similar structures may be <br /> set to grade with proper marking and mapping for future identification. <br /> 10. The option to use open cut or bore techniques to install service laterals or mains is expressly that of applicant. <br /> BACKFILL AND COMPACTION: <br /> 1. Bedding material shall be to the specifications of applicant in regard to material, installation methods, and <br /> compaction. <br /> 2. Intermediate backfill shall be free of debris and organic matter and shall be free of rocks over three (3) inches in <br /> diameter. It is solely the discretion of applicant whether to use native material or imported material such as <br /> Class II aggregate base. <br /> 3. Where it becomes necessary to excavate beyond the limits of normal excavation lines in order to remove <br /> boulders or other interfering objects, the voids remaining after the removal of the boulders shall be backfilled <br /> with suitable material and densified to the same standard as the primary trench. <br /> 4. Where pavement is removed, base material shall be replaced with Class II aggregate base to the same <br /> thickness of that removed but not less than eight (8) inches thick. <br /> Page 1 <br />