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AGENDA ITEM <br />'COSYN OF' <br />-� <br />MEETING DATE: March 25, 2020 <br />TO: Honorable Mayor and Council Members <br />FROM: Hilary Hobbs, Management Analyst <br />Seana Doherty, Housing Program Manager <br />SUBJECT: COVID-19 Community Economic Support and Respo se Opt on <br />APPROVED BY <br />-o-? <br />Jeff Loux, Town M nager <br />RECOMMENDATION: Council to: <br />(1) Provide direction on proposed COVID-19 "Community Economic Support and Response <br />Package." <br />(2) Provide staff direction regarding prioritization of staff time and authorization of Town funding. <br />(3) Waive reading of ordinance and read by title only, and adopt Urgency Ordinance 2020-02 <br />Establishing a Temporary Moratorium on Evicting Tenants under Specified Circumstances <br />and Declaring the Ordinance to the Emergency Measure to Take Immediate Effect <br />DISCUSSION: <br />As the global COVID-19 emergency persists, the economic and community impacts of the federal <br />and state orders to prevent the spread of the virus such as social distancing, school closures, and <br />restaurant, bar and lodging closures has left many Truckee residents and business struggling <br />financially. Town staff have been working closely with Nevada County and local partners (Sierra <br />Business Council, Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation, Sierra Community House, Truckee <br />Chamber, and others) to aggregate and disseminate information about federal, state and local <br />support programs available for individuals and impacted businesses. <br />In addition to these ongoing efforts, staff has put together a suite of targeted actions for Town <br />Council to consider in order to provide economic relief to community members who are the most <br />economically vulnerable. It is important to note that staff anticipate Town revenues in FY2019-20 <br />and beyond will be drastically reduced by COVID-19 impacts, significantly straining Town <br />operations. Therefore, the options presented below are intended to provide the greatest targeted <br />impact within the limits of the Town's very real fiscal constraints. <br />L Economic Support and Community Response Package: <br />(1) Temporary moratorium on residential evictions for non-payment of rent <br />(4) Description: On March 16, 2020, the Governor issued Executive Order N-28-20. The <br />