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7.1AGENDA ITEM __ _ MEETING DATE: November 26, 2019 TO: Honorable Mayor and Council Members FROM: Hilary Hobbs, Management Analyst SUBJECT: Public art advisory body :;p:::::c::_s __ \__,__.,_JP/f_-'---'--~-------'-)-Jeff Loux, Town Manager RECOMMENDATION: That Council provide staff direction regarding the roles and makeup of a public art commission, committee, or advisory group to guide the implementation of the Public Art Master Plan DISCUSSION: On July 9, 2019, following a significant community process, the Council adopt Truckee's first Public Art Master Plan (see Attachment 1 ). The Public Art Master Plan (PAMP) established a suite of robust goals and next steps for developing a public art program in Truckee. Among these steps, the plan called for the establishment of a public art commission, committee, or advisory group to provide leadership and input into the management of the program. The purpose of this discussion item is to seek council direction regarding the formation of this public art body. Previous staff reports and discussions with Council have included consideration regarding whether the future public art body would be a "committee," or "commission," and the possible distinction between these terms. Staff recommends that Council's discussion focus first on the roles Council envisions assigning to this body, then consider an appropriate name. For the purpose of this staff report, the public art body is referred to as the "Committee." Since the adoption of the PAMP, staff has undertaken research into the structure and roles of other communities' public art bodies. Staff also completed outreach with key arts stakeholders from Truckee Arts Alliance, Truckee Public Art Commission (which operated under Truckee Donner Recreation and Parks District), and the Truckee Cultural District advisory committee to solicit feedback regarding the possible makeup and roles of such a Committee. A summary of stakeholder input is provided as Attachment 2. What should be the role of the Committee? The Public Art Master Plan defines public art as: ~ Public Art: Artwork of any media1 for example sculpture, painting, mural, live performance or performing art (Le, musical or dance), drawings, photographs, and other similar forms of art, Whether temporary or permanent, that is either owned by a public agency and placed on public property, or owned by private entitles and placed In public spaces or owned by private entitles, placed on private property f>ut Viewable by the public. Given this broad definition, the public art Committee's scope of work could encompass a mix of permanently-installed and temporarily displayed visual art and performing art. Projects could also Page 1 of 9