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The Truckee Way <br />Since incorporation, the Town of Truckee staff and decision-makers have embraced a set of operating <br />principles known colloquially as “The Truckee Way.” The following provides the essence of this <br />philosophy. <br />We will treat everyone, and their point of view, with respect, courtesy, and fairness. We will approach <br />issues with creativity and innovation. We will conduct ourselves, and the Town’s business, according to <br />the highest ethical standards. We will encourage the free exchange of ideas and information by open and <br />honest communication. We believe that non-adversarial dispute resolution results in the most effective <br />community, decision-maker and employee involvement in the Town and its future. <br />A set of core values shape the Town’s approach: <br />Clear Priorities – When the Town incorporated, the citizens made it clear that their priorities included <br />roads, snow removal, law enforcement, and land use planning and building. Considerable efforts over <br />many years have combined to fulfill those priorities. While the Town’s priorities have expanded over time <br />to include services like bike paths and trails, solid waste and transit support, establishing clear priorities <br />continues today, with an annual Council priority-setting retreat, transparent budget workshops and robust <br />community participation, outreach and communication efforts. <br /> <br />No Surprises – Everyone working for the Town and making decisions is committed to a “No Surprises” <br />policy. Early warning of potential problems or upcoming issues is mandatory. <br /> <br />Community Outreach, Involvement and Transparency – The Town views itself as part of a larger family <br />which makes up the community. When a community concern arises, the Town believes its role is to reach <br />out and actively engage all segments of the community in an open and transparent dialogue. <br /> <br />Non Adversarial Decision Making - The Truckee Way relies on a consensus-seeking decision making <br />process modeled on the concept of interest based negotiation, developed some years ago by Roger <br />Fischer and William Ury of the Harvard Negotiation Project. Interest based policy negotiations relies on <br />six fundamental principles: <br />1. Separate the people from the problem – no personal attacks or assignment of blame. <br />2. Focus on the interests of those involved, not positions they may take - the process looks for a <br />“wise” outcome that tries to meet multiple interests. <br />3. Invent options for mutual gain – many options will be considered to solve the problem or develop <br />the policy. <br />4. Use objective criteria to create and measure potential options and solutions –entrenched <br />positions, inaccurate or misleading information and simply the “loudest voices” will not be the <br />basis for decisions. <br />5. First, listen carefully to understand; then speak to be understood – listen actively, communicate <br />openly and transparently. <br />6. Solutions are built upon establishing trust and working relationships between interested (and <br />sometimes opposing) participants. <br />As with any dispute resolution mechanism, applying these principles is not a panacea. It is, however, <br />preferred over the other alternatives available to the Town. Applying the Truckee Way requires constant <br />re-commitment, effort and learning. The rewards to date for both the Town and the community have <br />proven well worth the cost. <br />(Revised January 2019) <br />