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AGENDA ITEM (-V' a <br />MEETING DATE: October 8, 2019 <br />TO: Honorable Mayor and Councilmembers <br />FROM: Scott Mathot, Associate Engineer <br />Becky Bucar, Engineering Manager 136 4W <br />SUBJECT: Caltrans Sustainable Communities Grant Progr m <br />APPROVED BY <br />own <br />RECOMMENDATION: Town Council adopt Resolutions 2019-60 and 2019-61 requesting Caltrans <br />Transportation Planning Grant Program Funds and authorize the Mayor to sign the letters of support <br />for these applications. <br />DISCUSSION: The California Department of Transportation recently released the call for projects <br />for the Transportation Planning Grant Program that provides funding for transportation planning <br />projects to maintain and integrate the state's multimodal transportation system and meet statewide <br />greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction goals. The Sustainable Communities' set-aside ($17M <br />available funds) has the purpose of funding local and regional multimodal transportation and land <br />use planning projects that contribute to the state's GHG reduction targets and Caltrans' grant <br />program overarching objectives. <br />Staff recommends submitting grant applications for two projects, summarized below: <br />Envision DPR Complete Streets Project: The purpose of the project is to provide <br />preliminary engineering, including: drainage analysis, project site surveying, preliminary <br />utility undergrounding plans and estimates, roadway alternatives analysis, conceptual <br />roadway/streetscape design plans and estimates, and a design report for the Envision DPR <br />— Eastern Segment (from State Route 89 east to the McIver Roundabout). This includes a <br />portion of the work that Is identified as unfunded in the adopted 19120 Fiscal Year budget for <br />the following CIPs: C2006, Envision DPR—Eastem Segment Improvement Plan; C1904, <br />Envision DPR-Eastern Segment Pedestrian Improvements; and C1905, Envision DPR-- <br />Eastern Segment Utility Undergrounding. The estimated cost of the study is $400,000. <br />• Downtown Truckee Railroad Pedestrian Crossing Feasibility Study: The purpose of the <br />project is to develop a feasibility study and alternatives analysis for a potential pedestrian <br />crossing (overcrossing, undercrossing, or at -grade) of the Union Pacific Railroad tracks <br />Page 1 of 2 <br />Page 1 of 8 <br />