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AGENDA ITEM 1. <br />"Wig or <br />TR�CK�E <br />MEETING DATE: October 8, 2019 <br />TO: Honorable Mayor and Council Members <br />FROM: Deverie Acuff, Police Support Services Manager <br />SUBJECT: Comprehensive Downtown Parking Analysis Project Update <br />APPROVED BY <br />J Loux, Town M na er <br />RECOMMENDATION: This is an informational item only. No formal Council action is requested. <br />DISCUSSION: In June 2019 the Town selected Dixon Resources Unlimited (DIXON) for the <br />Comprehensive Downtown Parking Analysis project. The study includes a full review of existing <br />conditions, past_parking discussions and policies, outreach to stakeholders, data collection and <br />analysis, and suggested strategies for managing parking in the future. DIXON will be developing a <br />Parking Roadmap with an Action Plan for improving the Town's parking program. The Action Plan <br />will recommend goals and strategies related to parking demand management, employee parking, <br />residential parking, enforcement, loading zones, electric vehicle charging, shared parking, special <br />events, wayfinding, and transportation demand management. <br />Previous parking management studies have been conducted, with a study in 2010 being the most <br />current. Although the previous studies were helpful in providing historical content, some of the <br />information was not directly applicable to the parking district as it sits today. Additional quantitative <br />analysis is necessary to validate the previous findings and to apply it to future programs. <br />Since the start of the Comprehensive Downtown Parking Analysis project in June 2019, a number of <br />stakeholder meetings, surveys, and parking data collection efforts have occurred as summarized in <br />Table 1, below. In the coming months, DIXON will collect additional data, develop a Parking <br />Roadmap and Action Plan, and return for additional stakeholder and Council presentations. <br />Table 1. Stakeholder Meeting Summary of Topics <br />• Enforcement staffing; <br />• License plate recognition cameras and virtual <br />permitting; <br />June 5 Police Department a Modernization of the parking program; <br />• Wayfinding signage; <br />• Shuttle program; <br />• Centralized parking program management; and <br />Page 1 of 3 <br />