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AGENDA ITEM <br />TOWN OF <br />89 <br />Q tIQJ ,p��il�i <br />MEETING DATE: October 8, 2019 <br />TO: Honorable Mayor and Council Members <br />FROM: Becky Bucar, Engineering Manager a ID <br />SUBJECT: Coldstream Trails and Transit Maintenance District 2019-1, Public <br />Hearing, Resolution 2019-62 Formation of Community Facilities <br />District and Calling Special Election, Resolution 2019-63 Declaring <br />Results of Special Election, and Ordinance 2019-08 Levying <br />Special Taxes within the Town of Truckee CFD No. 2019-1 <br />APPROVED BY: <br />+ <br />Jeff Loux, Town Manager <br />RECOMMENDATION: Council to: <br />1. Conduct a public hearing to accept comments on the formation of Community Facilities <br />District No. 2019-1 (Coldstream Transit and Trail Maintenance CFD); and <br />2. Adopt Resolution 2019-62 Regarding Formation of Community Facilities District, <br />Authorizing the Levy of a Special Tax, and Submitting the Levy of Special Tax to <br />Qualified Electors, Community Facilities District No. 2019-1; <br />If the vote is in the affirmative, Town Council: <br />3. Adopt Resolution 2019-63 Declaring Results of Special Election and Directing Recording <br />of Notice of Special Tax Lien for Community Facilities District No. 2019-1; <br />4. Introduce and waive the first reading of Ordinance No. 2019-08 Levying Special Taxes <br />within the Town of Truckee Community Facilities District No. 2019-1. <br />DISCUSSION: As required by the Coldstream Specific Plan Development Agreement, the Town is <br />pursuing a Community Facilities District to fund ongoing transit operating costs and trail <br />maintenance associated with the Coldstream development through the creation of the Town of <br />Truckee Community Facilities District 2019-1 (Coldstream Transit and Trail Maintenance CFD). <br />California establishes procedures for forming and administering Community Facilities Districts <br />(CFDs) through the Mello -Roos Community Facilities Act of 1982 (Act). For reference, the Mello - <br />Roos Community Facilities Act of 1982 is part of Government Code Title 5, Division 2, Part 1 <br />Chapter 2.5 and can be found in its entirety at the following link: <br /> displayexpandedbranch.xhtml?tocCode=GOV&divisio <br />n=2.&title=5.&hart=1.&chapter=2.5.&article= <br />Town Council Staff Report <br />Page 1 of 4 <br />Page 1 of 37 <br />