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AGENDA ITEM <br />MEETING DATE: September 10, 2019 <br />TO: Honorable Mayor & Councilmembers <br />FROM: Jenna Gatto, Planning Manager <br />SUBJECT: Potential Re -Appointments to General Plan Advisory Committee <br />APPROVED BY `-- <br />Jeff Loux, To*n Manager <br />RECOMMENDATION: That the Town Council provide direction to staff and determine if the Council <br />wishes to backfill two openings on the General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC). Pending Council's <br />direction, staff will return with a Council Resolution with a finalized GPAC membership. <br />DISCUSSION: At the September 11, 2018 Town Council meeting, the Council established a 20 - <br />person GPAC and appointed the following people to serve on the Committee: <br />• (1) One Town Councilmember and one alternate: David Tirman and Jessica Abrams <br />• (1) One Planning Commissioner and one alternate: Jerusha Hall and Nikki Riley (replaced <br />Dave Polivy) <br />• (2) Two housing advocate representatives: Jointly shared by Seana Doherty/Stacy Caldwell <br />and David Horan <br />• (1) One alternative transportation representative (bike, pedestrian, transit): Jan Holan <br />• (2) Two non-profit representatives: Paco Lindsay and Chelsea Waltersheid <br />• (1) One small business with five or less employees: Meg Urie Rab <br />(1) One small business owner/representative (6-25 employees): Tom Just <br />• (1) One large business owner/representative (more than 25 employees): Jim Winterberger <br />• (1) One Downtown property owner or employee: Andie Keith <br />• (3) Three Truckee residents/homeowners at large: Kathleen Eagan, Ravn Whitington and Keri <br />Hamby <br />• (1) One environmental advocate representative: Alexis 011ar <br />• (1) One youth or youth advocate representative: Jointly shared by Summer Hatcher/Isabella <br />Terrazas/Brian Wolfe <br />• (1) One builder or developer representative. Paul Curtis <br />• (2) Two energy/sustain abilitylwater representatives: Anna Klovstad and Erin de Lafontaine <br />Initially, the Council established a 17 -person GPAC in July 2018, but then later elected to enlarge the <br />Committee to include additional housing, sustainability and at -large representatives. Since that time, <br />the GPAC (or a GPAC subcommittee) has been meeting on a monthly basis and has been actively <br />working on different aspects of the General Plan Update, <br />In August, two GPAC members submitted their resignations: (Paul Curtis, developer representative) <br />Page 1 of 3 <br />