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AGENDA ITEM <br />MEETING DATE: September 10, 2019 <br />TO: Honorable Mayor and Council Members <br />FROM: Judy Price, Communications Director/Town Clerk <br />SUBJECT: Council Committee and Liaison Designations for 2019 <br />APPROVED BY <br />Jeff <br />RECOMMENDATION: Review the committee and liaison designations, and provide direction <br />regarding the Council committee appointments to fill the vacancies left by Vice Mayor Goodwin. <br />DISCUSSION: Each year, following the Mayor and Vice Mayor appointments, Council considers its <br />members' individual obligations to serve on committees. With the turnover of the Vice Mayor there <br />are a few changes that need to occur. These modifications will be plugged into the attached 2019 <br />Draft Council Town Committee Designations (Attachment A) after the new Vice Mayor is selected. <br />The attachment identifies the committees that Town has established and that Council currently <br />holds a seat on, and liaison positions and seats on regional committees that Council holds seats on. <br />Other than Mayor and Vice Mayor obligations, the designees and alternates are identified as those <br />that served on these committees in 2019. In Red are the designations left vacant by Vice Mayor <br />Goodwin. <br />As a reference, Council selected community member, Carolyn Wallace Dee to serve on the Nevada <br />County Transportation Commission, and Planning Commissioner Suzie Tamay is serving on the <br />Sierra Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Partnership. <br />FISCAL IMPACT: No new impact. <br />PUBLIC COMMUNICATIONS: This staff report. <br />ATTACHMENTS: 2019 Draft Council Town Committee Designations <br />Page 1 of 1 <br />