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AGENDA ITEM!7 L <br />TOWN OR <br />TCS' <br />MEETING DATE: 9/10/2019 <br />TO: Honorable Mayor and Council Members <br />FROM: Hilary Hobbs, Management Analyst <br />SUBJECT: Truckee Chamber Integrated Marketing & Communications Plan- 2018-19 <br />Annual Report /'J <br />APPROVED BY <br />Jeff Loux, T <br />RECOMMENDATION: That the Town Council receive a presentation from the Truckee Chamber of <br />Commerce regarding the 2018-19 work accomplished under the four-year marketing, <br />communications and visitor center contract and accept the Chamber of Commerce Integrated <br />Marketing and Communications Plan 2018-2019 Annual Report. <br />DISCUSSION: <br />Overview <br />On July 1, 2016 the Town entered into a four-year Agreement for Community Promotion and <br />Marketing and Visitor Center Operations with the Truckee Chamber. This agreement provides <br />funding to the Chamber to provide certain marketing, economic development, and community <br />engagement services to the Town in support of the Town and Chamber's shared visitation, <br />economic, and community goals. <br />Per this Agreement, once per quarter the Chamber provides a written reportto the Town concerning <br />Chamber's services. Additionally, two times per year, the Chamber provides an in-person report at a <br />Town Council meeting concerning Chamber's services and the metrics specified in the Agreement. <br />The Chamber has provided the enclosed written 2018-19 Annual Report to accompany the in- <br />person report to Town Council (see Attachment 1). <br />Scope of work <br />This agreement provides funding for a variety for programs executed by the Chamber and funded in <br />whole or in part by this agreement. <br />First, the agreement fully funds the operation of the California Welcome Center in the Depot, which <br />is operated 363 days/ year. <br />The agreement funds a portion of the Chamber's destination marketing "Visit Truckee" activities, <br />which are also funded by the Truckee Tourism Business Improvement District (TBID), a 2% <br />assessment on short-term lodging authorized and collected by the Town and administered by the <br />Chamber of Commerce board and its TBID committee. The Chamber will present on the year's <br />marketing and visitation outcomes at the time that the TBID annual report is presented in October. <br />