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HOTEL AVERY – BUILDING DESIGN NARRATIVE 9-21-2018 <br />Page 1 of 2 <br /> <br />Hotel Avery is intended to be an integral part of the future of Downtown Truckee. The project takes a <br />lot which has been abandoned for many years and creates a place to be enjoyed by visitors and locals <br />alike. The hotel responds to the natural character of the Truckee River, as well as the historic fabric of <br />Downtown. It respects that which has happened in the past while, while embracing the moment of <br />today, and planning for the future. <br />Truckee’s Historic Design Guidelines, Chapter 13: General Principles for New Construction, establishes <br />criteria for the evaluating the design of Hotel Avery and its relationship to the architectural and historic <br />context of Truckee. Hotel Avery follows these principles as follows. <br />1. Respect the design character of nearby historic properties. <br />The guidelines state, “Often, a contemporary interpretation of those architectural styles seen <br />historically will work best.” <br />Hotel Avery is a contemporary building that is inspired by the historical architecture of the <br />neighborhood, without trying to mimic it or replicate it. The building uses form, materials and <br />orientation to create a strong connection to its surrounding context. <br />2. Maintain setback and alignments of buildings in the surrounding context <br />As a commercial building, Hotel Avery is appropriately set along the front property line, as is the <br />neighboring commercial building across Bridge street. Along the western side property line, the <br />building is setback twenty feet, creating a side yard similar to the residential properties on the <br />street. <br />Gabled roofs and entry and garage doors are oriented toward the streets, which is consistent with <br />the pattern of the neighborhood. <br />3. Relate to scale of nearby historic buildings. <br />The zoning and allowed use of the parcel dictates a larger building than those that currently occupy <br />the South River Character Area. Accordingly, the mass of the building is broken down into elements <br />which are reflective of the scale and rhythm of both individual buildings and combination of <br />buildings within Truckee’s Downtown. Furthermore, the building’s materials are consistent with the <br />character of those found in downtown and arranged to reinforce the articulation of the building in a <br />manner that breaks down the mass into the components of the individual residences and <br />emphasizes historic building forms. <br />Historically, individual building fronts within Truckee have ranged from 15 to 30 feet in width. Hotel <br />Avery works with the hotel room units as a basic module that is approximately 15 feet. These units <br />are expressed both individually and as pairs to create a scale and horizontal rhythm that is in <br />keeping with Truckee’s architectural context. <br />Vertically, the scale of the building is broken down through a series of steps along the street <br />frontage as well as the riverside. On the South Elevation this stepping starts at the first floor, with <br />an entry arcade at the lobby entrance and suspended canopies at other entries. The building steps <br />back again at the third floor to create outdoor living space for the residential units. On the East <br />