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<br />January 14, 2019 <br />Truckee Planning Commission: <br /> <br />Thank you for the opportunity to provide comments and ask questions regarding <br />the proposed coffee shop and tap room at the West end of Donner Lake (15897 So. <br />Shore Drive) <br /> <br />As a full time resident in the West end of Donner Lake, I would like to express my <br />concerns for the continued development of business establishments along South <br />Shore Drive. South Shore Drive is the only entrance and exit for anyone who is <br />residing in the West end and South side of Donner Lake. <br /> <br />During the peak summer season, this stretch of South Shore Drive is already highly <br />congested due to the shear numbers of people who want to enjoy the Donner Lake <br />public beach. Cars and pedestrian traffic clog the roadway, many times reducing <br />South Shore Road to a single lane. Public parking is extremely limited forcing <br />drivers to park on residential side streets that are already narrow. <br /> <br />During the winter season, the public beach still attracts visitors even though the <br />parking lot is not plowed. Cars park along the roadway even though street parking <br />is not allowed and pedestrians walk along roads reduced by snow banks. <br /> <br />In addition, Donner Lake Road is also being impacted by cars and boats parking <br />along this very busy thoroughfare; increasing pedestrian traffic trying to get to the <br />beach. Sometimes the intersection of Donner Lake Road and Donner Pass Road (exit <br />and entrance to I-80) is impacted by cars and boats parking on all sides. <br /> <br />I am aware the area of So Shore Drive in which the proposed business establishment <br />is being considered is currently zoned commercial. My questions for the Planning <br />Commission are: <br />• When was this stretch of South Shore Drive zoned commercial? <br />• When was the last time the zoning was reviewed to determine if it still <br />aligned with the growth of the area? <br />• Given the residential growth in the area, and limit access to the West end and <br />South side of Donner Lake, has the Planning Commision considered rezoning <br />the area to residential, with a grandfather provision for those businesses <br />already established? If not, why? <br />• If the area is to remain commercial, how will the following be addressed: <br />o Increase in motor traffic; delivery trucks, cars, golf carts, hover <br />boards, motorcycles, Segway etc. <br />o Lack of adequate parking <br />o Increase in pedestrian traffic <br />o Increase in litter <br />o Police and Fire protection and EMT services