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Concerns regarding West End Coffee and Tap APN 017-220-001-000 <br />I have several concerns regarding the approval request of a coffee shop and tap room <br />at the west end of Donner Lake (15897 South Shore Drive). <br />One has to look no further than the impact that the "Little Truckee Ice Creamery" (15628 <br />Donner Pass Road) has had in the same general vicinity. In particular, the problem is <br />primarily parking and traffic congestion in an area already overburdened and <br />constricted. With respect to the Little Truckee Ice Creamery, cars, trucks, and RVs <br />continually end up parking right in front of the USPS boxes provided for Truckee <br />residents to retrieve their mail. This happens constantly. Furthermore, during the on- <br />seasons (winter & summer), it becomes so overcrowded there that multiple vehicles <br />cram around the entire intersection where Donner Pass Road meets Donner Lake Road <br />exit/entry to HWY 80. During the summer season, many of those vehicles have a boat & <br />trailer hooked up behind them! <br />With regard to the West End Coffee Shop and Tap Room, this will only be <br />exasperated... and you're asking for a REDUCTION of parking spaces? Obviously the <br />parking is already inadequate. <br />Just allowing a commercial business in that vicinity is extremely short sighted. <br />Residents around the lake have been voicing their concern over the growing problem of <br />access both entering and exiting their homes. Visitors/vacationers already park on both <br />sides of South Shore Drive at the west end - limiting the road to often times becoming a <br />single lane. <br />Causes of traffic congestion, or traffic jams, are complex, but they come down to having <br />too many cars on the same street at the same time, insufficient capacity, overselling of <br />events, including drivers circling or "searching" for a parking spot. That is already the <br />case for the West End Public Beach. The Town of Truckee would be better off providing <br />a concession for food & beverage inside the Public Beach rather than approve the <br />requested business. <br />Overall, my concern is with losing "residential amenities" that currently exist. Residents <br />don't need additional traffic, increased noise volumes affecting adjacent properties, <br />unsightly garbage waste & litter, troubling sanitation issues, multiple people milling or <br />constantly crossing the street between the public beach and the proposed commercial <br />business, truck deliveries blocking the roadway, or customers parking on residential <br />streets. <br />With respect to operating hours (7 days a week, 6am-10pm May to October and 6am- <br />6pm November to April): <br />1. In the summer, visitors and vacationers already park on both sides of South <br />Shore Drive at the west end to go to the beach due to the lack of available