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GALLER <br />-TS30' <br />J <br />gallery fifty-eight thirty/ <br />A Truckee Artist Collective <br />02/13/2018 <br />Agenda Item: 7.2 Initiate General Plan Update <br />Troy Corliss <br />11434 Rocky Lane. Truckee, CA. 96161 <br />530-902-0322 <br /> <br /> <br />Dear Council Members, <br />I would like to offer additional context for the request to update the art element with in the 2040 General <br />Plan update. I know that you have received many letters from community in support of an arts master <br />plan within the general plan update and comment on the subject in the Staff Report. <br />To clarify my understanding and position of the two documents, the Art Master Plan is a visioning <br />document that defines key values and structures for incorporating artwork into public spaces. <br />It is a reference document that informs policy and process. The Town's General Plan is a much more <br />comprehensive document required by the State of CA, intended to lay out values, priorities and higher <br />level goals that govern development and planned land use. Whereas, by design, the GP is not intended <br />to include the specifics of the art master plan, it does support the creation of an art master plan as an <br />actionable priority. <br />As we talk about updating 2025 GP, Chapter 3- Community Character Element, section "Goal CC -21 <br />Support Arts and Culture Activities and Amenities in Truckee; and the ensuing priority of creating an Arts <br />Master Plan, there is room for improvement on both fronts. Within the discussion of the GP Update, we <br />can simply look at the "Priorities" and "Actions"that are currently listed in Goal CC -21 and address those <br />with greater clarity. Many of these items are prefaced by"Explore,"Consider;"Encourage"and they can <br />be fine tuned to facilitate more concrete action with in future planning, with out boxing the Town into <br />overly specific policy. <br />For example, within CC- 21. There are four actions recommended. A21.3 says"Consider the preparation of <br />a Town arts master plan" We have now been considering the preparation of an arts master plan for over <br />10 years, and this can be updated to say"incorporate the inclusion of a town arts master plan" Within the <br />time frame of the general plan update, over the next 2+ years, an arts master plan can easily be drafted <br />and implemented. This alone would be a significant step forward in the update process, yet the other <br />items deserve some revisiting as well. <br />The priority of creating and implementing an art master plan is something that has been discussed <br />publicly on several occasions by the Town and has risen to a higher level of importance in recent years. <br />While this conversation is more specifically focused than the update to items in CC -21,1 believe that the <br />architects of the 2025 GP update had intended for an art master plan to be completed in advance of this <br />next 2040 GP update as it will add greater direction and clarity to the Community Character Element. <br />Additionally, the awarding of the Cultural District by the California Arts Council and the branding and <br />marketing under taken by the Town and the Chamber now underscores a context that address a broader <br />target than specifically on a Public Art Master Plan (Visual Art). I recognize that the crafting of and Art <br />Master Plan is not only timely, it is a concrete step forward that will contribute to this broader effort. The <br />Art Master Plan will carry the baton forward through the 2040 GP update and lay the groundwork for <br />future cultural development. <br />