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Nevada County Arts Council <br />128 E Main Street <br />Grass Valley <br />CA 95945 <br />Ph: (530) 718 0727 <br />Web: <br />Email: director@ <br />February 13, 2018 <br />Honorable Town Council Members <br />(Attn: Judy Price, Town Clerk) <br />Truckee Town Council <br />10183 Truckee Airport Road <br />Truckee CA 96161 <br />Dear Honorable Town Council Members, <br />\ I <br />•o <br />.9"0 O� • <br />GS <br />o`y <br />arts <br />I am writing to request your continued support for art and culture in Truckee as you begin the process of <br />updating the Town's General Plan. <br />Truckee's successful application for California Cultural District designation during 2017 was the result an <br />alignment with strict eligibility criteria requiring a partnership between a branch of government, a <br />business association and an arts organization. The assumption that multi -sector representation ensures a <br />firm foundation for success — allowing each California Cultural District to more effectively act as a lever for <br />economic and social change — is the reason I write today. <br />Upon announcement of its designation, the Town of Truckee, the Truckee Donner Chamber of Commerce, <br />and Truckee Public Art Commission were asked to provide priorities for Truckee Cultural District for the <br />first two years of its designation. There was unanimous agreement that the following three represented <br />our highest priorities: <br />1. Creation of an Arts Master Plan for Truckee <br />2. Marketing for Truckee Cultural District <br />3. Infrastructure to support these aims <br />As you know our designation is good for five years after which Nevada County's two California Cultural <br />Districts will need to reapply. Eighteen months from now, Truckee will be asked by the state to report on <br />its progress, while the California Cultural Districts Program itself will open up for other applications from <br />prospective districts across California. <br />Competition will deepen during this time, making the first of our priorities all the more time -sensitive. <br />Creating an inclusive Arts Master Plan and, within this, a specific Arts element— as well as integrating art <br />and cultural requirements within the General plan itself — will be a defining statement about our <br />relationship to the legislation' which placed Truckee Cultural District on the state map to begin. <br />We are grateful to the Town of Truckee for partnering with Nevada County Arts Council to provide <br />matched funding, along with the Grass Valley -Nevada City Cultural District and the Nevada County <br />Continued... <br />1 Assembly Bill 189 - <br />