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Judy Price <br />From: Pat Souza <> <br />Sent: Tuesday, February 13, 2018 10:45 AM <br />To: Judy Price <br />Cc: Pat Davison <br />Subject: Proposed moratorium <br />Mayor Wallace Dee <br />Vice Mayor Tirman <br />Council members Abrams, Goodwin and Flora <br />I learned yesterday of the staff recommendation for implementation of a moratorium on the approval of projects, either <br />planned or currently under review by the towns planning department. The explanation was that the projects may not be <br />in compliance with a future revision to the towns general plan. <br />This smells of staff attempting to implement their vision over the will of the people of Truckee. There currently is a <br />general plan with a vision to take Truckee to 2025. The process to develop a new or more current plan will take several <br />years. The intent of a plan is to give guidance to staff, which changes as folks come and go. The current staff is not in <br />agreement with the vision that Truckee established, but it is not their town. They are the employees of this town and are <br />to abide by the vision within the current plan, until, when and if it is updated. <br />The tradespeople, building professionals, retailers and associated businesses suffered through the recession and are just <br />now on their feet again. The building in the Martis Valley is beginning to wane and the projects in planning are the <br />projects that will allow the local economy to survive. A moratorium would cause an artificial recession in our local <br />economy that would last long after the moratorium ended. <br />The folks that have submitted and discussed projects with the town of Truckee have done so in good faith. They have <br />spent large sums of money to further their projects and to address concerns raised by town staff. Freezing these <br />projects would nullify the work they have paid for, diminish the value of the land they own and likely open the town to <br />litigation. Going forward the Town could not be trusted. <br />A moratorium is a solution to a problem that does not exist. There is a process of review and public comment that works <br />for projects that are presented before the town. There are rules in place that reflect the will of the people of Truckee. <br />Please use the tools that are available now. <br />Please do not implement a Moratorium on projects or building in Truckee <br />Respectfully <br />Pat Souza <br />Pat Souza <br />Mobile 530.386.5991 <br /> <br />