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Judy Price <br />From: Ruth Cross <> <br />Sent: Saturday, February 10, 2018 11:26 AM <br />To: Judy Price; Ruth Hall; Stacey Carr <>; Mayumi Elegado <br />Subject: Issues with Agenda item regarding 2040 Comprehensive Update to the General Plan <br />I have lived in Truckee since 1972, been a part of the development of the Town, and live in the downtown area <br />on South River Street. I am very concerned about our town. I cannot attend this meeting, so if you would read <br />this to the council, I would appreciate it. <br />I am requesting that all commercial construction in the downtown area be halted until the below noted issues are <br />addressed: <br />1. The town currently looks at each development as a separate entity, but must be addressed as a whole. There <br />appears to be no continuity. <br />2. You have taken away all free parking in the downtown area, so employees and locals use residential areas to <br />park. Not a fair policy. The parking issue for employees has never adequately been addressed. We absolutely <br />need free parking in the downtown area as well as paid. Charging $700 a person to work in town is <br />unacceptable and obviously doesn't work. I do not mind overflow parking for special events, but for everyday it <br />is not accepable. <br />3. With the railyard deveopment, a major parking area for special events is being taken away. It is the vast area <br />next to the lumberyard. Not only is it being taken away, but i understand that the town has issued a waiver <br />allowing much less parking than is required by code. There is also a restauarant being developed next to Burger <br />Me in which a parking waiver was issued. Where are their employees and customers going to park? What was <br />the plan when these decisions were made? <br />4. The lanes on our major intersection in town do not line up. The lines can't be seen in a snowstorm. If you <br />are going from town to the freeway, the left turn lane on the opposite side of the street is not visible when snow <br />is on the road, so if someone goes straight through the intersection the person in the left lane will get creamed. I <br />almost did last winter. This has to be fixed. Also the same is true going from 267 to the post office. <br />5. It is my belief that snow removal was never addressed when the downtown was redeveloped. Obviously last <br />year, not this year of course, but could change. What is the plan for snow removel in the future with what we <br />have currently and with all the new developments being proposed? As we all know town gets first priority, but <br />the impacts on other areas can be large. If all the snow has to be transported, it is a huge cost. <br />6. Traffic is my next concern. It is getting harder and harder to get out of the side streets along 267. I <br />personally like the light by the 7-11 because it stops traffic and creates a break to get out. The roundabouts that <br />we have are fine, but are not safe for pedestrians and create a steady stream of traffic. What is being discussed <br />for traffic as with all going on, as it will be increased expedentially. <br />7. It is finally my belief that any new development that has not been completed should maintain its own <br />parking needs and snow removal including the railyard property. <br />Thanks for listening. <br />