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TOWN OF TRUCKEE <br /> California <br /> ORDINANCE 2017-16 <br /> AN URGENCY ORDINANCE AUTHORIZING THE AWARD OF A CONTRACT <br /> FOR CONSTRUCTION OF TOWN HALL TENANT IMPROVEMENTS <br /> WHEREAS, the Town of Truckee is a charter city, retaining authority to deviate from <br /> the requirements of California law with respect to issues that are municipal affairs; and <br /> WHEREAS, Section 200 of the Town's charter specifically asserts the Town's authority <br /> to establish standards and procedures for the bidding, award, and performance of public works <br /> contracts; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Town Council has previously adopted Chapter 3.12 of the Truckee <br /> Municipal Code, establishing requirements for the award of various kinds of contracts; and <br /> WHEREAS, Town staff have previously adopted "Purchasing Rules and Regulations", <br /> implementing and expanding upon the requirements of Chapter 3.12; and <br /> WHEREAS, Chapter 3.12 and the Purchasing Rules and Regulations generally require <br /> that contracts for public projects in excess of $100,000 be awarded through the formal bidding <br /> procedure set forth therein; and <br /> WHEREAS, Town staff have been engaged in discussions with both Caltrans and the <br /> Truckee Chamber of Commerce about leasing space upstairs in Town Hall; and <br /> WHEREAS, accommodating the Chamber and Caltrans in Town Hall is expected to <br /> benefit the Town and the community as a whole by fostering a close working relationship <br /> between Town staff and Chamber and Caltrans staff, and by providing members of the <br /> community with access to three locally important organizations in the same building, and both <br /> the Chamber and Caltrans have indicated that they need to be able to occupy the Town Hall <br /> space as soon as possible, or will be forced to find alternate locations; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Town Hall space to be occupied by the Chamber and Caltrans is not <br /> currently suitable for occupancy, and will require extensive tenant improvements in order to be <br /> occupiable; and <br /> WHEREAS, use of the Town's formal bidding procedure for public works projects is <br /> likely to delay the commencement of the tenant improvements by at least six months, and to <br /> increase the project cost by approximately $75,000, which delay and cost increase (and the <br /> resulting need to increase the rents tentatively agreed to with the Chamber and Caltrans) <br /> present a significant risk that the Town would lose the Chamber and/or Caltrans as tenants, <br /> thus losing the community benefits to be derived from having the Chamber and Caltrans <br /> occupying space in Town Hall; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Town Engineer has identified a contractor, CNW Inc., which is both <br /> available to commence the Town Hall tenant improvements expeditiously and has recent prior <br /> successful experience with Town Hall remodel work; and <br />