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TOWN OF TRUCKEE <br /> California <br /> ORDINANCE 2016-06 <br /> AN ORDINANCE OF THE TOWN OF TRUCKEE <br /> AMENDING THE TRUCKEE MUNICIPAL CODE, TITLE 18, DEVELOPMENT CODE FOR <br /> WATER EFFICIENT LANDSCAPING FOR LARGER PROJECTS AND <br /> CLEAN-UP AMENDMENTS <br /> WHEREAS, the California Legislature passed AB 1881 Water Conservation (Laird) in <br /> 2006, which required local agencies to adopt a water efficient landscape ordinance; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Town Council adopted a customized Water Efficient Landscaping <br /> Ordinance on September 13, 2013; and <br /> WHEREAS, the California Governor issued Executive Order B-29-15 on April 1, 2015 <br /> which required revisions to the Water Efficient Landscaping Ordinance to respond to the <br /> ongoing drought; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Development Code is required to be amended to be consistent with the <br /> Executive Order; and <br /> WHEREAS, clean-up amendments are incorporated in order to help provide accurate <br /> and consistent review of all projects; <br /> The Town Council of the Town of Truckee Does Ordain as Follows: <br /> Section 1. <br /> Enactment. Title 18, Development Code, of the Municipal Code is hereby amended as <br /> designated in Exhibit "A" and Exhibit"B" attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference. <br /> Section 2. <br /> Findings. The Council hereby adopts the following findings in support of adoption of this <br /> ordinance and the amendments to Title 18, Development Code. The August 23, 2016 Town <br /> Council staff report and meeting minutes, and the June 21, 2016 Planning Commission staff <br /> report and meeting minutes are hereby incorporated herein by reference and provide a factual <br /> basis for the findings <br /> a. The proposed amendments ensure and maintain internal consistency with all the <br /> goals, policies, and actions of all elements of the General Plan and the Downtown Specific Plan. <br /> b. The proposed amendments would not be detrimental to the public interest, <br /> health, safety, convenience, or welfare of the Town. <br /> c. The proposed amendments ensure and maintain internal consistency with other <br /> applicable provisions of the Development Code. <br /> Section 3. <br /> U CEQA <br /> Findings. The Town Planner has determined the proposed amendments to the <br /> pment Code are exempt from the provisions of the California Environmental Quality Act <br /> general rule exemption (Section 15061.b.3 CEQA Guidelines). <br />