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TOWN OF TRUCKEE <br /> lW1° cwy JOINT TOWN COUNCIL AND <br /> • REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY <br /> MEETING MINUTES <br /> t March 3, 2011, 6:00 p.m. <br /> der °6rr1 �� ...'e°er ► °rOre Y <br /> Town Hall - Administrative Center <br /> 10183 Truckee Airport Road, Truckee, CA <br /> 5:58:40 PM <br /> 1. CALL TO ORDER — Mayor /Chair Anderson called the joint meeting of the Town <br /> Council of the Town of Truckee and the Town Redevelopment Agency meeting to <br /> order at 6:00 p.m. <br /> 2. ROLL CALL: Council /Board Members; Green, Brown, Wallace Dee, Vice <br /> Mayor/Vice Chair deRyk Jones, and Mayor /Chair Anderson. <br /> Staff Present: Town Attorney Crabb, Records Technician Kuhlemier, Town Manager <br /> Lashbrook, Community Development Director McLaughlin, Assistant Town Manager <br /> Terrazas, Public Works Director/Town Engineer Wilkins, Redevelopment and Housing <br /> Coordinator Griffith, Assistant Engineer Thompson and Animal Services and Code <br /> Compliance Supervisor Olsen. <br /> 3. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE — led by Jamie Brimer. <br /> 4. PUBLIC COMMENT <br /> Lynn Saunders, Truckee Chamber of Commerce announced a community forum, Good <br /> Morning Truckee to be held at 7:00 a.m. in Council Chambers on March 8, 2011. <br /> 5. DISCUSSION ITEMS <br /> 5.1 PUBLIC HEARING — Adoption of the Redevelopment Plan Amendment. <br /> Recommended Action: Conduct a public hearing, adopt Agency Resolution 2011 -03, and <br /> introduce and waive the first reading of Ordinance 2011 -02 approving the proposed negative <br /> declaration and Redevelopment Plan Amendment. <br /> Mayor /Chair Anderson requested any written comments on the Amendment or Negative <br /> Declaration, seeing none. <br /> Mayor /Chair Anderson opened the Public Hearing calling for anyone wishing to speak in <br /> support or opposition to the Amendment to the Redevelopment Plan for the Truckee <br /> Redevelopment Project and the Negative Declaration. <br /> Seeing none, Mayor /Chair Anderson closed the Public Hearing. <br /> Joint Town Council and Redevelopment Agency Meeting <br /> March 3, 2011 <br /> Page 1 <br />