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PRESERVATION ADVISORY COUNCIL <br /> MINUTES <br /> MARCH 21, lq84 <br /> <br />PRESENT: Dale W. Cox, Secretary <br /> William Thorn <br /> Susan Lindstrom <br /> Kavanaugh Koch <br /> <br />ABSENT: Zina Krankowsky <br /> <br />1) Truckee-Tahoe Lunber Company to build a storage building at the end <br /> of Church Street, Truckee. <br /> <br />COX: No representative was present on the Truckee-Tahoe Lumber Company. <br /> <br />COX: Ralph are they going to tear down the existing shed that is there <br />now. <br /> <br />WOLLAM: I do not know if they are going to tear down the existing shed <br /> that is there now, <br /> <br /> COX: Application says that they are going to tear down the existing building <br /> and replace the building double the size of the existing storage building. <br /> They are going to take down a portion of that shed and remove a wall out <br /> further and enlarge the interior space, <br /> <br /> LINDSTROM: I went down on March 21, 1984, to inspect the building and I <br /> feel that this would be a real improvement from what is there now. <br /> <br /> COX: The application does not say anything about colors, Also indicates <br /> that there is a slight slope on the property. <br /> <br /> THORN: Would like to see a textured plywood. <br /> <br /> COX: I agree. <br /> <br /> COX: Wants to run the plywood over the wall and cover the block up, and run <br /> a the band around the building, this would be keeping with the wood-look <br /> instead of a block look. <br /> <br /> LINDSTROM: Existing warehouse that looks like a new one that is just outside <br /> of thelr gate, ls that part the subject lumb~r company also? <br /> <br /> WOLLAM: No, thats part of the McG[nity Building. <br /> <br /> COX: Made a motion to approve the site plan as specified, earthtone colors <br /> on the roof and on the garage floor. 2nd by William Thorm, Susan Lindstrom, yes, <br /> <br /> LINDSTROM: Am I a voting member also? <br /> <br /> WOLLAM: Yes <br /> <br /> PRESERVATION ADVISORY COUNCIL MEETING OF ~IARCH 21, 1984 PAGE 1 of <br /> <br /> <br />