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PRESERVATION ADVISORY COUNCIL <br /> MINUTES <br /> APRIL 4, 1984 <br /> <br />PRESENT: Dale W. Cox, Secretary <br /> William Thorn <br /> Susan Lindstrom <br /> Kavanaugh Koch <br /> Zina Krankowsky, Chairman <br /> <br />1) Proposed Fee Schedule for PAC Hearings, <br /> <br />WOLLAM: Zina, to bring you up to date on the fees, while you were away <br />we had a few applications that came in for simple little things like <br />re-roofs, deck additions, and there isn't any flexability in the schedule <br />so I derived this particular schedule indicating certain things that would <br />have a reduced charge and then certain things which would have no charge <br />because it did not exceed a certain valuation based on the dollar value <br />that the Building Department assigned to various structures, i.e,, residential <br />structures $17.40 per square foot, garages $5,75 square foot, covered decks <br />$5,00 square foot and uncovered decks $3.00 per square foot and if it <br />doesn't exceed 15%, I think or 25% whatever I have written down here, then <br />there would be no charge, then some of them like a re-roof and re-siding was <br />slipped back from $50.00 to $25,00 charge, I would like to talk about <br />the interior remodeling. <br /> <br /> THORN: Ralph, will that be a $50.00 total, that's $25,00 and $25,007 <br /> WOLL~M: For what? <br /> <br /> THORN: You said like a re-roof or re-siding. <br /> <br /> WOLLkM: No, that would be a $25.00 charge for a re-roof project <br /> <br /> THORN: Now thats the total charge? <br /> <br /> WOLLAM: That is the total charge, as far as the PAC is concerned. The <br /> building permit is another question. <br /> <br /> WOLLAM: We have the interior remodel here in two places, as I said <br /> I would like to talk about that. I talked briefly with Will on the phone <br /> on am item and then I talked to County Counsel afterwards and we went <br /> through the ordinance pretty carefully, In Section 23,A5, I have copies <br /> here but I only have five, so I'll read it, but 23,A5C says, "The developed <br /> area of specific "exterior" architectural standards which state the following <br /> items under consideration." I don't feel and neither does County Counsel <br /> that based on that that the Committee would have any control over interior <br /> remodeling whether it was public money or not. I have a feeling that if the <br /> Intermodel Transportatlon Building goes, in this case you will <br /> not only be reviewing the exterior but the Department of Public Works would <br /> be receptive of your comments on the interior as well. <br /> PRESERVATION ADVISORY COUNCIL MINUTES OF APRIL 4, 1984 PAGE 1 of 4 <br /> <br /> <br />