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PRESERVATION ADVISORY COUNCIL <br /> MINUTES <br /> APRIL 18, 1984 <br /> <br />PRESENT: Dale W, Cox, Secretary <br /> William Thorn <br /> Susan Lindstrom <br /> Kavanaugb Koch <br /> Zina Krankowsky, Chairman <br /> <br />1) THDR84-5 Grace Robertson - Central Bank, replace brick walkway <br /> (night deposit & walk-up window) with the original antique doors. <br /> <br />COX: Grace this is the Central Bank, correct? This is where the night <br />depositry and walk-up window are now? <br /> <br />ROBERTSON: Yes, we are removing the above and replacing the brick walkway <br />with the 3 antique doors that were the~e originally. <br /> <br />THORN: Motion to approve the application of Grace Robertson. <br /> <br />COX: I second the motion, <br /> <br />KRANKOWSKY: What color do you plan to paint this? <br /> <br />ROBERTSON: White like it is now, <br /> <br />2) THDR84-6 Ernie's Biestro - Demolition of the illegal addition on the <br /> back of the building. <br /> <br />KRANKOWSKY: I don't understand why we have all this information on this <br />when it illegal in the first place, <br /> <br />ROBERTSON: He put it on as I understand it, and did not get a building <br />permit, then somebody caught him and so he went to get the permit, which <br />usually they give a permit after the fact, after they inspect it, but it <br />got caught up in all this stuff on the alley with the Supervisors, the <br />Public Utility District and the Sanitary District and everything else and <br />so when he went to get a Varlance as I understand it, they wouldn't <br />give him the variance because of the setback problem, and so they said <br />the only way would be to take off the violation (illegal addition) on the <br />building. So, o~ course, Gene & Harry Miller who own it, said o,k, we <br />will take it of~, and to get it off, we have to have a demolition permit <br />anyway, all we want to do is to take it off and get the violation o~f the <br />building so it can be occupied. <br /> <br /> COX: Grace, are they going to take off the back portion of the building <br /> as I understand? <br /> <br /> ROBERTSON: That is correct, <br /> <br /> COX: Is the stairway coming of~ of it too? <br /> <br /> ROBERTSON: No, the stairway has nothing to do with it, It is just where the <br /> walk-in box is. <br /> <br /> PRESERVATION ADVISORY COUNCIL MEETING OF APRIL 18, 1984 PAGE 1 <br /> <br /> <br />