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PRESERVATION ADVISORY COUNCIL <br /> MINUTES <br /> MAY 16, 1984 <br /> <br />PRESENT: Dale W, Cox, Acting Chairman <br /> William Thorn <br /> Susan Lindstrom, Acting Vice Chairperson <br /> Kavanaugh Koch <br /> Zina Davidson <br /> <br />1) THDR84-9 Karl Kuttel - Duplex over garage on South River Street <br /> <br />Mr. Kuttel was not present at this meeting and his item was continued to <br />the .June 13, 1984, meeting. <br /> <br />LINDSTROM: Is there any comment? <br /> <br />THORN: My comment is that the design is unsuited to the Historic Distrlct <br />for aesthetic reasons. <br /> <br />KOCH: This is a new builaing to be built? <br /> <br />WOLLAM: There are several permit processes that Mr, Kuttel has to go through. <br />1) A variance to reduce the frontyard setback because of slopes and <br />the fact that there is an extensive county and/or state easement along <br />the front, also he has to go through a commercial/industrial/ministerial <br />site plan. He has to go through your review first, so your comments, <br />whatever they may be, should be fairly definitive so they can be established <br />as conditions of approval. <br /> <br />DAVIDSON: I have several comments, Karl was under the impression that <br />he was not in the "HP" District. <br /> <br /> WOLLAM: He is, as I explained to Susan before the meeting the reason that there <br /> was a misunderstanding that Highway 267 and South River Street were used as <br /> boundaries to the HP District, when in fact, it is the dotted line just south <br /> of those two streets that are the boundary lines, <br /> <br /> DAVIDSON: Stucco does not fit into the "HP" District according to the <br /> guidelines. From these drawings, we do not know what kind of plywood <br /> is to be placed on the building. It does not look like the building is <br /> going to be very attractive, especially when it is a major focal point in <br /> Truckee. As people drive over the bridge they will see it, and I feel that it <br /> should be more attractive. Another comment about the interior ~]ich <br /> is not in our jurisdiction, but, he has the bedrooms on the front, I would <br /> suggest that he turn the whole building around so the bedrooms are in <br /> the back. He has asbestos shown on the roof, and that is not consistent <br /> with the guidelines either. <br /> <br /> THORN: I don't think that he can put up asphalt shingles, right? <br /> <br /> PRESERVATION ADVISORY COUNCIL MINUTES OF MAY 16, 1984 PAGE 1 of 8 <br /> <br /> <br />