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TOWN OF TRUCKEE <br />California <br />ORDINANCE 2007-02 <br />AN ORDINANCE PROHIBITING THE ESTABLISHMENT OF NON-RETAIL RELATED USES ON <br />THE GROUND FLOOR OF STRUCTURES LOCATED ON THE NORTHSIDE OF DONNER <br />PASS ROAD BETWEEN BRIDGE AND SPRING STREETS WITHIN THE DOWNTOWN <br />TRUCKEE SPECIFIC PLAN AREA. <br />The Town Council of the Town of Truckee Does Ordain as Follows: <br />Section 1. Historic Downtown Truckee and specifically that area known as Commercial Row <br />has long been recognized as an area that includes retail and restaurant/ bar uses that contribute to <br />the character of Downtown and the community's quality of life. <br />Section 2. The Downtown Specific Plan and the Truckee Development Code contains <br />numerous goals and implementation strategies to create and foster a vibrant Downtown which <br />attracts both residents and visitors. <br />Section 3. The Town Council has received testimony indicating that ground floor retail <br />space within the Commercial Row portion of Downtown is or may be converted to other uses which <br />could be in conflict with these goals and implementation strategies. <br />Section 4. An increase in the existing number of ground floor non-retail uses in the <br />Commercial Row portion of the Downtown Specific Plan Area threatens the mix of retail and <br />restaurant/bar businesses necessary to carry out the goals and implementation strategies in a <br />number of ways, including but not limited to the exclusion of retail activities which reduces the <br />attractiveness of Commercial Row and Downtown Truckee to residents and visitors, and jeopardizing <br />the ability of Downtown to successfully compete with other destinations. <br />Section 5. The Community Development Department and the Planning Commission have <br />been hereby directed to evaluate and make recommendations to the Town Council, after consulting <br />with all appropriate parties, regarding the necessity for and potential form of regulation regarding <br />ground floor uses within the Commercial Row neighborhood of the Downtown Specific Plan Area. <br />Section 6. This Ordinance is not a project subject to the California Environmental Quality Act <br />(CEQA) pursuant to CEQA Guidelines section 15378, subdivision (b). In the event that this <br />Ordinance is found to be a project under CEQA, it is subject to the CEQA exemption contained in <br />section 15061, subdivision (b) (3) of the CEQA Guidelines, because it can be seen with certainty that <br />there is no possibility that it may have a significant effect on the environment. The purpose of this <br />Ordinance is to prohibit new uses that are not retail, restaurant or bars along Commercial Row which <br />may be otherwise permissible under existing policies. <br />Section 7. The Following regulation is hereby imposed. This regulation shall prevail over any <br />conflicting provision of the other ordinances, resolutions, policies, and regulations of the Town of <br />Truckee. <br />