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· 7 onlng. . <br /> <br /> TOWN OF TRUCKEE ZONING MAP <br /> (Ordinance No. 2000-04 - Effective Date November 6, 2000) <br /> <br />LEGEND <br /> <br />Primary Zoning Districts <br /> <br /> RR Rural Residential <br /> RS Single Family Residential <br /> RM Multi-Family Residential <br /> DRS Downtown Single Family <br /> Residential <br />DRM Downtown Medium Density <br /> Residential <br />DRH Downtown High Density <br /> Residential <br /> CN Neighborhood Commercial <br /> CG General Commercial <br /> CH Highway Commercial <br /> CS Service Commercial <br /> M Manufacturing/Industrial <br /> <br />DMU Downtown Mixed Use <br /> DC Downtown Commercial <br /> DVL Downtown Visitor Lodging <br /> DM Downtown Manufacturing/ <br /> Industrial <br /> RC Resource Conservation <br /> <br /> OS Open Space <br /> <br /> PF Public Facilities <br /> PC Planned Community <br />DMP Downtown Master Plan <br />DRR Downtown Railroad <br /> <br />Overlay Districts <br /> <br />-AO Airport Operations <br />-SA Snow Avalanche <br /> 4IP Historic Preservation <br />-RP River Protection <br /> <br />Residential Densities <br /> <br /> -X <br />-0.05 <br />-0.10 <br />-0.15 <br />-0.20 <br />-0.50 <br />-0.67 <br /> <br /> -4 <br /> -6 <br /> <br /> -14 <br /> <br /> -24 <br /> <br />Further subdivision is prohibited <br />I dwelling umt per 20 acres <br />1 dwelling unit per 10 acres <br />1 dwelling umt per 7.5 acres <br />1 dwelling umt per 5 acres <br />I dwelling umt per 2 acres <br />1 dwelling unit per 1.5 acres <br />I dwelling umt per acre <br />2 dwelling units per acre <br />4 dwelling units per acre <br />6 dwelling units per acre <br />10 dwelling units per acre <br />14 dwelling units per acre <br />15 dwelling units per acre <br />24 dwelling units per acre <br /> <br />How to Read the Zoning Map <br /> <br />The Town Zoning Map consists of and index map and 31 separate map sheets covering the entire <br />Town. To find out the zoning on your property (that is, what zoning district your property is <br />located), go through the following steps: <br /> <br />Look at the Index Map the first map) to determine which map sheet your property can be <br />found. Your neighborhood will be located within a dark-lined rectangle that has a <br />number; this number is the map sheet number. <br /> <br />· Go to that map sheet and locate your property. The map sheets show all property lines, <br /> streets, and street names, and you should be able to easily find your property. <br /> <br />Zoning district boundaries are identified on the map by a bold line, and your property will <br />be encompassed within the boundaries of one of these zoning districts. To determine the <br />zoning district, look for the large bold letters within the zoning district boundaries - this <br />is the zoning district designation. <br /> <br />The zoning district designation is an abbreviation of the PRIMARY ZONING <br />DISTRICT. Look in thc legend on this page for the description of the zoning district <br />designation. Your property will have only one primary zoning district unless it is cut in <br />half by a zoning district boundary. <br /> <br />If your zoning district designation has two parts separated by a hyphen (-), you have a <br />specific RESIDENTIAL DENSITY applied to your property. Tile second part of the <br />designation after the hyphen is tile residential density; look in the legend on this page for <br />your property's density. <br /> <br />Your property may also be located in an OVERLAY DISTRICT. An overlay district is <br />applied to properties that have special zoning regulations (e.g. historic preservation <br />district, snow avalanche areas) above and beyond the zoning regulations established by <br />the primary zoning district. If your property may be located in an overlay district, there <br />will be a note on the right side of the map sheet refen-ing you to another sheet. Go to that <br />map sheet and locate your property. If you property is located within the overlay district <br />boundaries, your property is in that Overlay District. Overlay districts are shown at the <br />end of a zoning district designation separated by a hyphen. <br /> <br />EXAMPLE OF A ZONING DISTRICT DESIGNATION <br /> <br />Primary Zoning District Overlay District <br /> <br /> <br />