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TOWN OF TRUCKEE <br /> 111 <br /> California <br /> RESOLUTION 2017-67 <br /> RESOLUTION OF THE TOWN COUNCIL OF THE TOWN OF TRUCKEE CONSENTING TO <br /> THE INCLUSION OF PROPERTIES WITHIN THE TERRITORY OF THE TOWN OF TRUCKEE <br /> IN THE CSCDA OPEN PACE PROGRAMS; AUTHORIZING THE CALIFORNIA STATEWIDE <br /> COMMUNITIES DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY TO ACCEPT APPLICATIONS FROM <br /> PROPERTY OWNERS, CONDUCT CONTRACTUAL ASSESSMENT PROCEEDINGS AND <br /> LEVY CONTRACTUAL ASSESSMENTS WITHIN THE TERRITORY OF THE TOWN; AND <br /> AUTHORIZING RELATED ACTIONS <br /> WHEREAS; the California Statewide Communities Development Authority (the <br /> "Authority") is a joint exercise of powers authority, the members of which include numerous <br /> cities and counties in the State of California, including the Town of Truckee ("Town"); and <br /> WHEREAS; the Authority is implementing Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) <br /> programs, which it has designated CSCDA Open PACE, consisting of CSCDA Open PACE <br /> programs each administered by a separate program administrator (collectively with any <br /> successors, assigns, replacements or additions, the "Programs"), to allow the financing or <br /> refinancing of renewable energy, energy efficiency, water efficiency and seismic strengthening <br /> improvements, electric vehicle charging infrastructure and such other improvements, <br /> infrastructure or other work as may be authorized by law from time to time (collectively, the <br /> "Improvements") through the levy of contractual assessments pursuant to Chapter 29 of Division <br /> 7 of the Streets & Highways Code ("Chapter 29") within counties and cities throughout the State <br /> of California that consent to the inclusion of properties within their respective territories in the <br /> Programs and the issuance of bonds from time to time; and <br /> WHEREAS; the program administrators currently active in administering Programs are <br /> the AllianceNRG Program (CounterPointe Energy Solutions (CA) LLC), PACE Funding Group <br /> LLC, CaliforniaFirst (Renew Financial Group LLC), CleanFund Commercial PACE Capital and <br /> Spruce Pace LLC and the Authority will notify the Town in advance of any additions or changes; <br /> and <br /> WHEREAS; Chapter 29 provides that assessments may be levied under its provisions <br /> only with the free and willing consent of the owner or owners of each lot or parcel on which an <br /> assessment is levied at the time the assessment is levied; and <br /> WHEREAS; the Town desires to allow the owners of property ("Participating Property <br /> Owners") within its territory to participate in the Programs and to allow the Authority to conduct <br /> assessment proceedings under Chapter 29 within its territory and to issue bonds to finance or <br /> refinance Improvements; and <br /> WHEREAS; the territory within which assessments may be levied for the Programs <br /> shall include all of the territory within the Town official boundaries; and <br /> WHEREAS; the Authority will conduct all assessment proceedings.under Chapter 29 <br /> for the Programs and issue any bonds issued in connection with the Programs; and <br /> WHEREAS; the Town will not be responsible for the conduct of any assessment <br />