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TOWN OF TRUCKEE <br /> California <br /> RESOLUTION 2017-66 <br /> A RESOLUTION OF THE TOWN COUNCIL OF THE TOWN OF TRUCKEE CONSENTING TO <br /> INCLUSION OF PROPERTIES WITHIN THE TOWN'S JURISDICTION IN THE GOLDEN <br /> STATE FINANCE AUTHORITY COMMUNITY FACILITIES DISTRICT NO. 2014-1 (CLEAN <br /> ENERGY) TO FINANCE RENEWABLE ENERGY IMPROVEMENTS, ENERGY EFFICIENCY <br /> AND WATER CONSERVATION IMPROVEMENTS, ELECTRIC VEHICLE CHARGING <br /> INFRASTRUCTURE AND OTHER IMPROVEMENTS AND APPROVING ASSOCIATE <br /> MEMBERSHIP IN THE JOINT EXERCISE OF POWERS AUTHORITY RELATED THERETO <br /> WHEREAS; the Golden State Finance Authority, a California joint powers authority <br /> formerly known as California Home Finance Authority (the "Authority"), has established the <br /> Community Facilities District No. 2014-1 (Clean Energy) in accordance with the Mello-Roos <br /> Community Facilities Apt, set forth in sections 53311 through 53368.3 of the California <br /> Government Code (the "Act") and particularly in accordance with sections 53313.50) and <br /> 53328.1(a) (the"District"); and <br /> WHEREAS; the purpose of the District is to finance or refinance (including the <br /> payment of interest) the acquisition, installation, and improvement of energy efficiency, water <br /> conservation, renewable energy and electric vehicle charging infrastructure improvements <br /> permanently affixed to private or publicly-owned real property (the "Authorized Improvements"); <br /> and <br /> WHEREAS; the Town of Truckee is committed to development of renewable energy <br /> generation and energy efficiency improvements, reduction of greenhouse gases, and protection <br /> of the environment; and <br /> WHEREAS; in the Act, the Legislature has authorized a parcel within the territory of <br /> the District to annex to the District and be subject to the special tax levy of the District only (i) if <br /> the Town or county within which the parcel is located has consented, by the adoption of a <br /> resolution by the applicable Town council or county board of supervisors, to the inclusion of <br /> parcels within its boundaries in the District and (ii) with the unanimous written approval of the <br /> owner or owners of the parcel when it is annexed (the "Unanimous Approval Agreement"), <br /> which, as provided in section 53329.6 of the Act, shall constitute the election required by the <br /> California Constitution; and <br /> WHEREAS; the Town wishes to provide innovative solutions to its property owners to <br /> achieve energy efficiency and water conservation and in doing so cooperate with Authority in <br /> order to efficiently and economically assist property owners the Town in financing such <br /> Authorized Improvements; and <br /> WHEREAS; the Authority has established the District, as permitted by the Act, the <br /> Authority JPA, originally made and entered into July 1, 1993, as amended to date, and the <br /> Town, desires to become an Associate Member of the JPA by acknowledgement of the JPA <br /> Agreement, a copy of which is attached as Exhibit "A" hereto, to participate in the programs of <br /> the JPA and, to assist property owners within the incorporated area of the Town in financing the <br /> cost of installing Authorized Improvements; and <br />