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Attachment F <br /> TOWN OF TRUCKEE <br /> California <br /> RESOLUTION 2017-59 <br /> A RESOLUTION OF THE TOWN COUNCIL OF THE TOWN OF TRUCKEE <br /> TO TERMINATE THE AGREEMENT FOR ROAD MAINTENANCE AND SNOW REMOVAL <br /> RESPECTING THE RELOCATED JOERGER DRIVE <br /> WHEREAS, in 1998 the Town of Truckee entered into an "Agreement for Road <br /> Maintenance and Snow Removal Respecting the Relocated Joerger Drive" with the Tahoe- <br /> Truckee Sanitation Agency (T-TSA), Truckee Sanitary District (TSD), Truckee Donner <br /> Recreation and Park District (TDRPD), and Teichert & Son, Inc. (Teichert), attached hereto as <br /> Exhibit 1; and <br /> WHEREAS, the agreement obligates the Town to maintain Joerger Drive between <br /> Soaring Way and the TSD access driveway and requires T-TSA, TSD, TDRPD, and Teichert to <br /> reimburse the Town for the cost of maintenance; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Town's Private Road Acceptance Standards require that the following <br /> conditions be met before a road is accepted for maintenance: 1) the road must be built or <br /> subsequently improved to meet Town road standards; 2) the road shall have been properly <br /> maintained and in good condition at the time that it is being considered for acceptance; and 3) <br /> "Minimum Property Taxes" equal to the cost of road maintenance must be generated by parcels <br /> adjacent to the roadway; and <br /> WHEREAS, the road is currently in poor condition and would require rehabilitation to be <br /> considered to be in "good condition" which would include, at a minimum, full depth pulverization <br /> and 4 inches of new Asphalt Concrete pavement; and <br /> WHEREAS, the road rehabilitation would be required prior to the Town accepting <br /> maintenance responsibility for the road; and <br /> WHEREAS, the properties on Joerger Drive do not currently generate adequate property <br /> tax to meet the "Minimum Property Taxes" requirement; and <br /> WHEREAS, Joerger Drive provides significant public benefit as it provides access to <br /> public facilities including the TSD facility, T-TSA wastewater treatment plant, and the Tahoe <br /> Turckee Unified School District bus barn, as well as several recreational opportunities, including <br /> the Riverview Sports Park, the Truckee Bike Park, and the Truckee River Legacy Trail; and <br /> WHEREAS, Joerger Drive provides access to Teichert facilities that generate significant <br /> sales tax, including Measure R and Measure V sales tax, which contribute to the Town's overall <br /> General Fund; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Town has determined that the public benefit associated with Joerger <br /> Drive includes access to public and recreational facilities and significant sales tax generation of <br /> properties along Joerger Drive and that this public benefit offsets the cost of maintaining the <br /> road and justifies the Town's acceptance of maintenance responsibilities for Joerger Drive <br /> between Soaring Way and the TSD driveway; <br />