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TOWN OF TRUCKEE <br />California <br />RESOLUTION 2017-12 <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE TOWN COUNCIL OF THE TOWN OF TRUCKEE <br />APPROVING THE PROJECTS PROPOSED FOR INCLUSION IN THE NEVADA COUNTY <br />TRANSPORTATION COMMISSION'S 2017/18 OVERALL WORK PROGRAM <br />WHEREAS, on April 7, 1994 the Truckee Town Council adopted Resolution 94-15 that <br />authorized the Mayor to execute a Memorandum of Understanding on behalf of the Town of <br />Truckee with the Nevada County Transportation Commission (NCTC) relating to regional <br />transportation planning; and <br />WHEREAS, with the above referenced Memorandum of Understanding, the Nevada <br />County Transportation Commission has submitted the projects to be included in the NCTC <br />Fiscal Year (FY) 2017/18 Overall Work Program for the review and approval of the Town <br />Council. <br />NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED BY THE TOWN COUNCIL OF THE TOWN <br />OF TRUCKEE AS FOLLOWS: <br />1. That the Town Council hereby acknowledges its approval of the projects proposed for <br />inclusion in the NCTC FY 2017/18 Overall Work Program of the Nevada County <br />Transportation Commission as submitted; and <br />2. That the Town Council encourages the Nevada County Transportation Commission to <br />continue its efforts to coordinate the regional transportation planning process and to work <br />closely with Town staff to identify and resolve issues that are of common concern. <br />The foregoing resolution was introduced by Vice Mayor Wallace Dee, seconded by <br />Council Member Flora, at a regular meeting of the Truckee Town Council, held on the 11th <br />day of April, 2017 and adopted by the following vote: <br />AYES: Council Member Tirman, Council Member Abrams, Council Member <br />Flora, Vice Mayor Wallace Dee, and Mayor Goodwin. <br />NOES: none. <br />ABSENT: none. <br />/ Morgan Goodwin, Mayor <br />ATTEST: <br />P,,I <br />L Judy P ice, M '—Town Clerk <br />