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TOWN OF TRUCKEE <br /> California <br /> RESOLUTION 2016-57 <br /> A RESOLUTION OF THE TRUCKEE TOWN COUNCIL APPROVING THE TRUCKEE TOWN <br /> MANAGER TO EXECUTE THE GRANT AWARD <br /> FROM THE OFF-HIGHWAY MOTOR VEHICLE (OHV) GRANT <br /> WHEREAS, the people of the State of California have enacted the Off-Highway <br /> Motor Vehicle Recreation Act of 2003, which provides funds to the State of California and <br /> its political subdivisions for Operation and Maintenance, Restoration, Law Enforcement, <br /> and Education and Safety for off-highway vehicle recreation; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division with the California <br /> Department of Parks and Recreation has been delegated the responsibility to administer <br /> the program; and <br /> WHEREAS, procedures established by the California Department of Parks and <br /> Recreation require the Applicant's Governing Body to certify by resolution the approval of <br /> the Application to apply for Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Grant funds; and <br /> yrsFYcaFSF1e W <br /> NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE TOWN COUNCIL OF THE TOWN <br /> OF TRUCKEE: <br /> 1. By resolution, approve the final execution of the Off-Highway Vehicle Grant and to <br /> receive awarded funds projected to be $13,559.00; and <br /> 2. Certifies that the Town of Truckee understands its legal obligations to the State <br /> upon approval of the Grant; and <br /> 3. Certifies that the Town of Truckee will provide the required matching funds; and <br /> 4. Delegates the authority to the Town Manager, or his designee, to conduct all <br /> negotiations, execute and submit all documents, including, but not limited to <br /> applications, agreements, amendments of the aforementioned project and so on as <br /> may be necessary for the completion of the project. <br /> The foregoing Resolution was introduced by Council Member Barr, seconded <br /> by Council Member Flora at a Regular Meeting of the Truckee Town Council, held on <br /> the 8`h day of November, 2016 and adopted by the following vote: <br /> AYES: Council Member Flora, Council Member Barr, and Vice Mayor <br /> Goodwin. f, • <br /> NOES: none. <br /> ABSENT: Council Member Wallace Dee, and Mayor deRyk Jones. <br /> / <br /> ATTEST: oodwin, Vice Mayor <br /> Judy Pr' ie, MM , T'bwn Clerk <br />