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<br />Trail Amenity Adoption Agreement <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Name Date <br /> <br />Address City State Zip Code <br /> <br />Phone Email <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />I would like to adopt a ____________________ <br />(trail amenity of choice) <br /> <br />First choice of location, if applicable _________ <br /> <br />Second choice of location, if applicable __________ <br /> <br />Third choice of location, if applicable __________ <br /> <br />As a participant in the Trail Amenity Adoption Program, I agree to the following: <br /> <br />1. Pay a trail amenity adoption fee of $________________ payable to the Truckee Trails Foundation. <br />2. Not add any additional items to the chosen trail amenity including but not limited to flowers, <br />photographs, etc. <br />3. Pay $35 to replace the plaque if damaged or stolen after one year, if desired. <br /> <br />By signing this document, I also understand and agree to the terms outlined below: <br /> <br />1. My adopted trail amenity is the property of the Town of Truckee. The Town of Truckee will <br />maintain my adopted trail amenity only for its life expectancy. If my adopted amenity deteriorates <br />due to age or other wear and tear, or damage by others, it may need to be removed in the interest <br />of public safety. <br />2. If my adopted trail amenity must be replaced due to wear and tear or damage, I will have the <br />opportunity to re-adopt the amenity at replacement cost and mount a new plaque.