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Donner Pass Road Corridor Improvement Project RFP Questions and Answers <br /> 1. Question:The RFP requests services of an Architectural and Engineering (A&E) consultant, <br /> however it appears that the scope of the work indicated does not include any architectural <br /> work. Can you please clarify? <br /> Answer:The term "Architectural and Engineering (A&E)" is used by the State to define the <br /> consultant selection process and includes services such as architectural, landscape architectural, <br /> environmental, engineering, land surveying, right of way engineering, construction engineering, <br /> construction management and project management services. A&E consultants are selected <br /> based upon qualifications and experience, as opposed to the lowest cost. <br /> 2. Question:The heading for Phase A and B scope of work is the same. <br /> Answer:The Phase B Scope of Work(see page 7 of RFP) should be labelled: Phase B: <br /> CEQA/NEPA and Final Design of Phase 1. <br /> 3. Question:The "Cost Plus Fixed Fee" reimbursement method adds complexity and accounting <br /> time to the project. It is also a significant challenge for smaller firms that utilize standard billing <br /> rates but may not have fully audited overhead and ICRs. Our review of the Local Assistance <br /> Procedures Manual indicates that four different methods of payment are allowed when using <br /> state/federal funds, including the lump sum method. We believe this method could be <br /> administered fairly based on the LAPM language inserted below. On a side note, the lump sum <br /> method "levels the playing field" of profit for firms with high versus low overhead since the <br /> Town cannot negotiate the ICRs. Extra overhead is of no benefit to the Town. <br /> Will the Town accept proposals that clearly define a lump sum fixed fee per each major task <br /> (with progress payments based on percent completion of each task), instead of using the cost <br /> plus fixed fee method? Note that the sample forms 10-H also state "or Lump Sum method". <br /> Answer:The Town will accept other contract payment types so long as they meet the <br /> requirements of the Local Assistance Procedures Manual. If the firm proposes an alternative <br /> contract payment type, please make this clear in the proposal. <br /> 4. Question:What neighborhoods will need to be noticed for the Public Outreach? <br /> Answer:The Town typically uses a 500 foot distance from the project boundaries to identify <br /> which properties must be noticed. A more focused outreach will be required for properties <br /> directly adjacent to the project.This outreach may include small workshops with a few property <br /> owners at a time and one-on-one meetings. <br /> 5. Question:Will you require NEPA for the Phase 2 construction project? <br />