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August 15, 2013 <br /> <br />TO: Town of Truckee Planning Commission c/o Jenna Endres <br />FROM: Shaun and Suzanne Sullivan, Roundhill Dr. (Tahoe Donner), Truckee, CA <br /> Owners since 1987, full-time residents since 2006. <br />RE: August 20, 2013 Public Hearing Regarding the Tahoe Donner Marina Facility <br />Improvement Project <br /> <br />This letter is a follow-up to the one we wrote previous to the April 16, 2013 meeting of the Planning <br />Commission. Here we wish to reiterate our concerns and opposition to the Tahoe Donner <br />Association (TDA ) Marina Facility Improvement Project before you on August 20th . <br /> <br />We believe that the term “improvement” is misused in this context; all of TD A s proposals to this <br />point would not improve the TDA facility itself, the ambiance of the Donner Lake experience, the <br />lake itself, or contribute to the welfare of the TD A marina neighbors. We urge you to not allow this <br />project to move forward. <br /> <br />The TDA marina space itself is too small for its current permitted use; however, no amount of <br />“improvements” will change that basic footprint . TDA engineer’s June 10, 2013 letter to the <br />commission validates this point, “With res[ect to the “expansion” concern’s we maintain that the <br />capacity of the facility will remain unchanged from current conditions…” The newly proposed <br />improvements appear to be cosmetic - a gloss to perhaps , in some people’s eyes , make the space look <br />better; they do not improve the basic function of the space. Rather they create problems, such as: <br />¥ Natural beauty . There seems to be a mentality here that one must improve on Mother <br />Nature. The removal of trees for the sake of a walkway or a paved deck appears contrary to <br />the Sierra experience. Why would one come to the mountains with a beautiful lake and then <br />want to remove trees, reshape the earth, add pavement, walls and even lights? We find this <br />absurd and not in keeping with being good stewards of the environment. <br />¥ Trees. Mr. Houddyshell has done a magnificent job of managing the forest within TD. That <br />said we believe that healthy tress should not be removed at the Marina. <br />¥ Good neighbors. Having lights in the plan only means one thing: night use. Donner Pass <br />Road residents already have to contend with noise, congestion, vehicles parked in their <br />driveways, and so on. And now we are going to add night lightening to their miseries! <br />Truckee is famous and promotes that fact that “stars shine brighter” here. Campers in the <br />State park manage nicely without lights , why does TD need them? <br />¥ Events and acohol. It is evident from the TD documents, for example, the one related to <br />shuttle service, that the TD Association intends for the Marina to become a venue for large <br />events [“…to provide this service on all occasions…where large events are planned…”]. This <br />can only mean music, weddings, and whatever else they can promote. Along with these types <br />of events comes the need for alcohol. In fact, TD is already serving alcohol at the marina <br />[Cocktail Service Now at the Marina, Member News, 8/12/13]. Chief McGill recently called <br />everyone’s attention to the fact that alcohol and driving (cars or watercraft) don’t mix well. <br />Why is TD promoting alcohol consumption at a supposedly family centered water related <br />recreational facility? I’d like to see a review of the liquor license. <br />¥ Environmental issues. Removal of trees and earth moving proposals will contribute to <br />Lake contamination. To attempt to mitigate this, the proposal indicates soil and