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1 <br />Laura Dabe <br />Subject:FW: Tahoe Donner Marina Project <br />  <br />From: Doug Barre [] <br />Sent: Saturday, August 17, 2013 9:42 AM <br />To: Jenna Endres <br />Subject: Tahoe Donner Marina Project <br /> <br />Hi Jenna <br /> <br />I write this letter in support of the current Tahoe Donner Beach Club Marina project being considered August <br />20 by the Planning Commission. <br /> <br />I have been a resident of Truckee/Tahoe Donner since 2001. During that time I have watched many projects <br />under taken and completed to the benefit of Tahoe Donner members by our management team and our board. I <br />have always been impressed by the concern shown and expressed about our stewardship responsibilities of the <br />many environment and natural resources in Tahoe Donner and surrounding areas. <br />I have great pride in how our management and board have always balanced the need for our environment and <br />the recreational needs of our members always erring on the side of our environment responsibilities. <br /> <br />Our Beach Club Marina project is no different. Like many of our amenities they require up grading and constant <br />maintenance. <br />The major issues being tackled by our project are to of course improve member services but also to address out <br />dated code requirements, <br />prevent continuous slope erosion and beach damage caused by spring run off from Donner Pass road and to care <br />for the health of our trees and safety of our members. To that last point, as you may or may not be aware, Tahoe <br />Donner has had the benefit over the last 20 years of the most respected Forrester in the Tahoe area. Bill takes <br />great pride and care in all our forest and open space treasures. He preforms audits of every home site on a <br />rolling 3 year cycle. When Bill tells a home owner a specific tree or tress are not healthy and need to be <br />attended to we all listen and adhere to his instructions. In the case of our marina project the issues of tree health <br />and safety have been vetted and approved by Bill. <br /> <br />In closing I strongly request that the Planning board approve our Beach Club marina project as submitted and <br />commit as a single tax payer and concerned home owner that our Donner Lake marina facility will be cared for <br />with great pride and respect for the wonderful environmental amenity that it is due. <br /> <br />Thank you. <br /> <br />Doug Barre <br /> <br />Doug Barre <br />Managing Partner <br /> <br /> <br />408.355.4997