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1 <br />Laura Dabe <br />Subject:FW: Tahoe Donner Marina <br />From: Shawn and Missy Pursel [] <br />Sent: Monday, August 12, 2013 7:20 PM <br />To: Jenna Endres <br />Subject: Tahoe Donner Marina <br /> <br />Hi there, <br />I am writing to you in hopes of changing your mind about improving the Tahoe Donner Marina. The Marina is <br />perfect as it is, maybe not as big as most would like but there are other ways to implement change during the <br />busy times in the summer. Removing the native trees and increases chance of erosion of the existing land is not <br />the answer. We need to look to our future. Making room for large parties and events on that small portion of <br />land will just add to the pollution, noise pollution and disturbance of our beautiful lake. The people that are full <br />time residents do not need this "improvement", we like the lake just as it is. Please do not allow this wonderful <br />lake to be put at risk for the benefit of people. Our earth has already suffered at peoples expense. Thank you <br />for your time. <br />Sincerely, <br /> <br />Missy Pursel