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  <br />August 12, 2013 <br />Jenna Endres <br />Associate Planner <br />Truckee Town Hall <br />10183 Truckee Airport Road <br />Truckee CA 96161 <br />RE: Proposed Tahoe Donner Beach Club Marina Project & Undisclosed Event Center <br />Dear Ms. Endres: <br />We have reviewed the proposed changes to the Tahoe Donner Association’s [TDA] <br />Marina Expansion project and undisclosed event center. The reduced logging and <br />proposed water pollution controls are a modest improvement, but as disclosed at the last <br />public hearing, the applicant is trying to circumvent existing zoning and development <br />code rules to permit an event center. The applicant has not provided evidence these <br />events are permitted.1 Nor have the impacts from these member and commercial events, <br />along with the noise, traffic, congestion, light pollution, water pollution and impacts to <br />surrounding neighbors and the State Park, been disclosed. <br />Existing and previous zoning and development code provisions and existing permit <br />provisions do not allow events at this site zoned private residential recreation. To <br />circumvent Planning Staff commercial use criterion, Tahoe Donner provided the <br />Planning Commission a litany of events they have been holding in violation of their <br />existing state2 and local permit conditions. The series of CEQA exemptions for this <br />                                                                                                                 <br />1 TDA General Manager Robb Etnyre testimony and submittal to Town of Truckee. “Events have gone on <br />for 20 years, including large scale events of 100-plus people…”See page 9 of April 16, 2013 minutes. <br />2  TDA’s existing State Lands permit does not allow commercial events. <br /> <br />And TDA’s 1974 lease provisions: Provision 13: [Rules and Regulations]] one can see the lease requires <br />TDA to “observe and comply with all rules and regulations now or hereafter promulgated by any agency of <br />the State of California and…at all times take necessary precautions to prevent pollutions and <br />contamination of the environment …. “Any modifications of natural or existing features of the real <br />property described in this lease, including but not limited to the removal of timber and other flora, which <br />are inconsistent with the authorized uses under this lease are expressly prohibited without the prior written