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March 5, 2013 <br /> <br />Truckee Community Development Department <br />Attn: Denyelle Nishimori, Senior Planner <br />10183 Truckee Airport Road, Truckee, CA 96161 <br />, (530) 582-2934 <br /> <br />I am very interested in the preservation of open space and more importantly maintaining the great <br />quality of life in and around the Glenshire/Devonshire area of Eastern Truckee. Through many <br />concerned neighbors and residents I have become aware of the current Canyon Springs DEIR process to <br />construct at least 185 single family homes. <br />I have found the DEIR has not provided or captured enough adequate analysis of its potential <br />environmental concerns and what the real community concerns are for the residents of <br />Glenshire/Devonshire. As someone who is fortunate enough to still be homeowner, starting a family, <br />and put a great deal of importance on moving to a neighborhood that is safe and enjoyable to walk and <br />bike in, I am very concerned about the safety and transportation issues that will be inherent with this 8- <br />phase build out project estimated to be over 20 years. <br />Upon further investigation of the DEIR; it lacks community input and adequate environmental analysis. <br />This parcel has not been open to public review for appropriate land use zoning designations or a <br />collective community vision since the Town incorporated. These parcels set a precedent for the <br />surrounding undeveloped land. The Town of Truckee needs to preserve vital open space and maintain <br />what is left of Truckee’s mountain character and reason for living here. The project as proposed will <br />create an open door for continued sprawl into the unincorporated areas of Eastern Nevada County. <br />The DEIR does not adequately address what are the future infrastructure costs? Who is paying for <br />infrastructure developments, improvements, and upkeep? Existing property owners will be partially <br />responsible in the future and we that are still fortunate enough to be homeowners are not looking to <br />contribute more when there currently isn’t enough. This development is far from the center of town, <br />making infrastructural maintenance (roads, show removal, water, and sewer) more expensive. How will <br />this effect rates in the rest of town? <br />There are significant access and intersection issues that are not adequately addresses in DEIR, Martis <br />Peak Road and Glenshire’s smaller roads (Rolands), including the main artery, Glenshire Drive and its <br />intersecting roads. I live, bike and walk with my child and dog daily in this corridor and already it is <br />undesirable, lacks sidewalks, safety, and any form of transportation controls. What will happen when <br />you add another 185 single homes to the mix? The under estimated 1700 additional trips will change <br />levels of service, load and capacity for existing roads. Will our safety be significantly impacted? Will <br />traffic signals be needed? Will the reasons I moved to this community be forgotten in the name of <br />development and profit?