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3/5/13 <br /> <br />To: Ms Denyelle Nishimori <br /> Town of Truckee Planning Committee <br /> <br />From: Linda Stoner <br /> Glenshire resident <br /> <br />Re: Canyon Springs Project DEIR <br /> <br />Town of Truckee General Plan (GP), page 7-2: <br />Conservation and Open Space Element, Guiding Principles <br /> <br />Protect sensitive biological resources, specifically special status plants and <br />wildlife, <br />streams and wetlands, and significant wildlife movement corridors. <br />does the DEIR comply with these guidelines? If not, why not? <br /> <br />GP p. 7.8 Biological Resource Areas: <br />The degree of human access can vary depending on the nature and sensitivity <br />of those <br />resources, but development is generally secondary to the goals of habitat <br />preservation, <br />and typically limited to facilities for passive recreational use. <br /> <br />GP p. 7.11 Wildlife Corridors and Deer Migration Routes: <br />Truckee's riparian shrub communities , and forested areas are important habitats <br />for local <br />and migratory deer populations, referred to as the Loyalton Truckee Herd. The <br />Verdi <br />sub -unit of the herd migrates annually in the spring from Nevada to the Martis <br />Valley, <br />utilizing the Truckee River and Interstate 80. Does the DEIR comply with these <br />guidelines? If not, why not? <br /> <br />Goal COS 4 p.7 -31 Protect areas of significant wildlife habitat and sensitive <br />biological resources. Does the DEIR comply with these guidelines?If not, why <br />not? <br /> <br />POLICIES p.4.1 Provide for the integrity and continuity of biological resources <br />open space, habitat and wildlife movement corridors and support the <br />permanent protection and restoration of these areas, particularly those <br />identified as sensitive resources. Does the DEIR comply <br />with these guidelines? IF not , why not? <br />Page 4.2 Sensitive habitat and movement corridors i n the areas adjacent to <br />development <br />sites as well as on the development site itself. Prevention of habitat