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2/26/13 <br />Denyelle Nishimori, Senior Planner <br />10183 Truckee Airport Rd. <br />Truckee, CA 96161 <br /> <br />RE: Comments for Canyon Springs DEIR <br />The following are comments and concerns regarding the adequacy of the DEIR for <br />the proposed Canyon Springs housing development: <br />The current DEIR assumes the Canyon Springs proposed housing project will utilize <br />the improvements that are outlined in the Railyard Master Plan. The Canyon Springs <br />project directly refers to using the improvements at the intersection of Donner Pass <br />Road and Glenshire Drive. Does anyone really know if the Railroad Project is going <br />to be finished, and will it actually deal with this intersection? The current <br />intersection is already congested and takes way too long on busy weekends and <br />during the morning /later afternoon rush hour turning onto Donner Pass Road. <br />Adding more residential development to Glenshire will create more traffic and <br />circulation impacts near the downtown core that need to be analyzed in the DEIR. <br />There are already a high number of accidents from people trying to get off of <br />Glenshire Dr, and existing frustrations from the current resident population. A <br />Safety Study needs to be conducted and implemented into the Final EIR, since it was <br />not completed in the DEIR. <br />If a traffic light is added to the intersection of Donner Pass Road and Glenshire Dr <br />will it back up into downtown on AM /PM peak hours, busy weekends and holidays. <br />How does the Canyon Springs project plan to mitigate the congestion from the <br />addition of a new intersection? <br />Another issue of increased commuters on Glenshire Dr. is the potential for more <br />accidents from people turning into Olympic Heights. Approximately 2 years ago my <br />wife was rear ended by a driver coming down Glenshire at approximately 50 mph as <br />she made a left into Olympic Heights. More people will increase the chances of <br />collisions in that already dangerous intersection. The Canyon Springs DEIR does not <br />mention a mitigation measure for the safety hazards that occur at the intersections <br />of Glenshire Drive, Olympic Blvd and Highland Avenue. The Final EIR needs to <br />include the cumulative impacts from the Olympic Heights neighborhood. <br />During bad winter weather it is highly likely that 1 -80 will be shut down. That leaves <br />only one entrance in and out of Glenshire. If it is a busy time of year, Glenshire Drive <br />will become impossible to manage with all traffic using this entrance. The traffic <br />