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10049 Donner Pass Road • Post Office Box 2768 • Truckee, California 96160 • (530) 582-7850 • FAX (530) 582-7854 <br />Truckee Fire Protection District <br />Proudly providing service to portions of both Nevada and <br />Placer Counties and the Town of Truckee <br />Fire Chief <br />Robert W. Bena <br />March 4, 2013 <br />Mr.John McLaughlin <br />Community Development Director <br />Town of Truckee, Community Development <br />10183 Truckee Airport Road <br />Truckee, Calif. 96161 <br />Re: Canyon Springs DEIR <br />Dear John, <br />The Truckee Fire Protection District has reviewed the submitted Draft EIR for the above <br />referenced project and the following inconsistencies have been identified with respect to the <br />May 12, 2011 TFPD correspondence.Please keep in mind that these are general comments <br />based on minimal information and that additional requirements may be necessary as the <br />design moves forward. <br />The secondary access viaEdinburg Drive has been identified for emergency vehicles <br />only. This access is not only for emergency vehicles it is also for residents to access in <br />the event of an emergency. If the access it is gated it must be with an electrically <br />operated gate that has multiple specific requirements. The access shall not be reduced in <br />width and must be completed prior to any construction. <br />Maximum cul-de-sac length for parcels lessthan 1 acre is 800 feet. <br />As stated on page 4.13-3of the DEIR the project shall comply with all TFPD <br />requirements,but not limited to correspondence dated May 12, 2011. <br />If you have any question or need additional information please contact me at 582-7853. <br />Sincerely, <br />Bob Bena <br />Bob Bena, FCFM <br />Truckee Fire Protection District <br /> <br />Board of Directors <br />Victor Hernandez <br />Ronald E. Perea <br />Robert E. Snyder <br />Paul Wilford <br />Gerald Herrick