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Subject: FW: Canyon Springs DEIR <br />From: Sherrie Dita [sherriedita] <br />Sent: Monday, March 04, 2013 2:50 PM <br />To: Denyelle Nishimori <br />Subject: Canyon Springs DEIR <br />Sherrie & Joseph Dita <br />10626 Codogan Street <br />Truckee, CA 96161 <br />Denyelle Nishimori, Senior Planner <br />10183 Truckee Airport Rd. <br />Truckee, CA 96161 <br />Re: Comments for Canyon Springs DEIR <br />Dear Denyelle: <br />7V�� C G orn rY � l # Z <br />March 3, 2013 <br />My husband and I have been residents of Glenshire for over twenty seven years. During that time my husband has <br />commuted to Reno five days a weeks. One of our primary concerns is safety and traffic delays on Glenshire Drive, <br />particularly the steep hill north of Martis Peak Road leading to Hirschdale Road and Interstate 80. Many times we have <br />seen cars that have spun out, blocking the road and creating dangerous driving conditions. As the only access and exit <br />for development and construction from Interstate 80, this project will create a heavy burden on Glenshire Drive <br />exacerbating the concern during a possible evacuation from a fire or other natural disaster. The DEIR does not consider <br />impact of 1 -80 closures, inclement weather. <br />Glenshire Drive is not designed for large amounts of traffic. What is the impact on Glenshire Drive from Olympic Heights <br />to downtown? Estimates suggest an additional 1700 to 2500 new trips to Glensshire on a week day. At the intersection <br />of Glenshire Drive and Donner Pass Road, the DEIR assumes the Rail Yard project will construct a new Glenshire <br />intersection. There is no basis for assuming this new intersection will be built. The DEIR traffic analysis should be redone. <br />Traffic studies need to consider cumulative impacts for the region. Project mitigation would need to reduce unit density <br />immensely due to road impacts. <br />As discussed in Land Use and General Plan, Truckee is linked with well connected open space and trails. The Canyon <br />Springs project does not connect with the Town of Truckee trails network. Canyon Springs is a sprawling development <br />that does not preserve the open space or protect sensitive habitat which is home for wild cats, herds of mule deer and <br />their fawn, red -tail hawks and their hatchlings, eagles, bears. Every year in Winter & Summer the mule deer migrate <br />from Verdi to Truckee. Canyon springs blocks this important migratory corridor. This is the only major corridor left <br />within the Town of Truckee. The project makes no effort to protect this sensitive habitat and provides no support, <br />evidence, or facts for statements that the deer will continue to be able to seasonally migrate through the Canyon <br />Springs site. The facts regarding wildlife migration must be analyzed and presented by an unbiased expert. <br />1 <br />