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California Natural Resources Agency EDMUND G.BROWN,Jr..Governor <br />DEPARTMENT OF FISH AND WILDLIFE charlton h.bonham,Director <br />North Central Region <br />1701 Nimbus Road <br />Rancho Cordova,CA 95670 <br />(916)358-2900 <br /> <br />March 1,2013 <br />Truckee Community Development Department <br />Attn:Denyelle Nishimori,Senior Planner <br />10183 Truckee Airport Road <br />Truckee,CA 96161 <br />dnishimorifStown <br />Subject:DEIR for the Canyon Springs Subdivision,(SCH#2004052060),County of <br />Nevada,CA <br />Dear Ms,Nishimori: <br />On December,2012,the Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW)received a Notice of Availability <br />from the Town of Truckee Community Planning Department regarding the draft Environmental <br />impactReport (DEiR)for the Canyon Springs Subdivision (Project).The CDFW appreciates the <br />Lead Agency's willingness to accept comments on the Project until March 6,2013.The comments <br />provided hereinare based on ourreview of the DEIR. <br />As a trustee for California's fish and wildlife resources,the CDFW has jurisdiction over the <br />conservation,protection,and management offish,wildlife,native plants,and their habitat.As a <br />responsible agency,the CDFW administers the California Endangered Species Act (CESA),the <br />Native Plant Protection Act,and otherprovisions of the Fish and Game Code (FGC)that conserve <br />the State's fish and wildlife pubic trust resources.The CDFW offers the following comments and <br />recommendations on the proposed Project in our role as a trustee and responsible agency pursuant <br />to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA),California Public Resource Code §21000 et seq. <br />The CDFW's primary concerns relate to how the Project will have significant effects to the mule deer <br />(Odocoileus hemionus)of the Verdisubunit of the Loyalton-Truckee deer herd and how the Project <br />may lead to an increase in edge effects. <br />The comments provided herein are based on the information provided in the DEIR,the CDFW's <br />knowledge of sensitive and declining vegetative communities and wildlife species in the area. <br />Comments herein are limited to the likely biological resource impacts from the proposed Project. <br />Project Description <br />The Project is located at the far eastern end of the Town of Truckee in the Canyon Springs area, <br />immediately east of the denshire subdivision and approximately 1 mile south of Interstate 80.The <br />Project would include 177 market-rate singlefamily lots ranging in size from 14,000 to 31,000square <br />feet.The Project includes 100-foot to 300-foot visual buffers along the westerly border near the area <br />of Edinburgh Drive and the northwest corner of the Project site.Approximately 176 acres will be <br />dedicated to public open space and be permanently reserved by a conservation easement or <br />dedication to the Town of Truckee/Truckee Donner Land Trust.The Project will require the <br />construction of aroad network with primary access from Martis Peak Road,and a secondary access <br />(torn Edinburgh Drive.The road network will require two vehicular access points,four bridges and <br />Conserving California '$'WiWfc Since 1870