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Feb 28, 2013 <br /> <br />Canyon Springs – how does it impact us? Let me count the ways. Please address the <br />following comments regarding the Canyon Springs DEIR. <br /> <br />Hazards <br />1) FIRE!!! This one always leaps to mind for me since I was living here in Glenshire for <br />the 2001 Martis Fire. <br />a) Increasing the number of homes in the forest increases the fire risk. Many <br />people moving to the mountains have no clue of proper fire maintenance <br />and proper ash disposal. (Remember the home in Squaw Valley that <br />burned because the people cleaned a grill out, then placed the ashes – <br />which contained live embers – in a paper bag on a wooden deck! This is <br />not far-fetched.). <br />It should be required <br />b) Escape routes. There are 2 ways out of Glenshire, one at either end of <br />Glenshire Dr. Slow and narrow escape routes. <br />c) The DEIR does not address or refer to an updated evacuation plan for the <br />increased population of only two escape routes, with possibly one be <br />closed off due to a fire incident. <br /> <br />Which leads us to <br />Traffic <br />1) There is already a lot of traffic on Glenshire Dr. <br />2) There are already too many „Ricky Racers‟ on what they obviously consider <br />„Glenshire Speedway‟. And the texters and cell-phoners . (I was rear-ended by one.) <br />More of them driving our streets increases the risk of accidents; and I‟m talking about <br />the side streets, the very residential areas where children and pets often wander and <br />play. <br />3) Construction traffic from the project will certainly cause much wear and tear on <br />existing roads, as well as accident incidents (people and wildlife), over a 20+ year <br />period. <br />4) The DEIR fails to address how enhanced accident reduction measures will be <br />required to be implemented to address the above-referenced traffic issues the project <br />would create. The DEIR needs to address who will be financially responsible for the <br />increased cost of road maintenance/traffic safety measures that will be required, and <br />prove the cost is in no way absorbed by the existing Glenshire/Truckee residents. <br />5) There are already sub-divisions with-in the Glenshire sub-division that have had the <br />infrastructure and roads put in years ago. They sit mostly unbuilt. <br /> a) Sierra Bluffs – about 30 lots, maybe 8 homes have been built <br /> b) Elkhorn Ridge – about 65 lots, 6 homes built. The first home built sat empty <br /> with a “For Sale” sign for possibly four or five years, until the owners decided to r <br /> rent it out. <br />