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v; ' FVO <br />February 25, 2013 PsIon <br />�s <br />Town of Truckee, Town Administrative Center <br />Senior Planner <br />10183 Truckee Airport Road <br />Truckee, CA 96161 <br />Attenion: Denyelle Nishimori, AICP <br />RE: Comments on Canyon Springs Subdivision Draft EIR <br />Dear Denyelle, <br />I have attended two Canyon Springs Subdivision DEIR meetings at the Truckee City <br />Council Chamber and have reviewed a portion of the DEIR, specifically the Traffic <br />portions. Below is a list of topics, 1 through 18, which I believe are omissions in the <br />Traffic portion of the DEIR (Section 4.14 and the Traffic Appendix) . I believe analysis <br />of these omissions must be made and the results included with the draft before it is <br />considered a final and inclusive Environmental Impact Report for the Canyon Springs <br />Project. <br />Please excuse errors I have made due to my inability to locate information within the <br />DEIR or concerns /omissions I have mentioned which are redundant with other comments <br />you may have already received. <br />1) The speed limit on Glenshire Drive between Whitehorse Road and Hirschdale <br />Road is missing from the report. It is noted in the report, however, that the speed <br />limit is not posted. When a speed limit is not posted in rural areas the speed limit <br />is 55 miles per hour. Any mention of west -bound traffic stopping distance or line <br />of sight distance at the intersection of Whitehorse and Glenshire Drive within the <br />DEIR is therefore unsubstantiated unless the speed at which that traffic is moving <br />is specifically mentioned or until further study can specifically be made at west- <br />bound speeds of 55 miles per hour. Section 4.14 of the DEIR, Transportation and <br />Traffic, should not be considered accurate or complete until this information has <br />been compiled and included in the DEIR. <br />2) Throughout several seasons of the year, deer cross Glenshire Drive between <br />Whitehorse and Hirschdale. There are even homemade signs which warn drivers <br />of this. The DEIR has omitted any mention of this in the traffic study. Section <br />4.14 of the DEIR, Transportation and Traffic, should not be considered accurate <br />or complete until the consequences of additional traffic traveling on Glenshire <br />Drive between Whitehorse and Hirschdale vs. the local deer crossings has been <br />compiled and included in the DEIR. <br />