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Gmail - DEIR for Canyon Springs https:H mail. google .conVmail / ?ui= 2 &il--edf86a850f &view= pt&search -.. <br />Received By <br />f an ivf f ( of (( to 114 �� i`1� -A � <br />karen unrein <k[unreM> <br />T <br />DEIR for Canyon Springs <br />`i message <br />karen unrein <klunrein> Mon, Feb 25, 2013 at 6:45 PM <br />To: karen unrein < klunrein@g mail. com> <br />February 25, 2013 <br />Truckee Community Development Dept. <br />Attention: Denyelle Nishimori, Sr. Planner <br />10183 Truckee Airport Rd. <br />Truckee, Ca. 96161 <br />Re: Canyon Springs project/App. # 10- 016 /TM <br />The following addresses concerns in the adequacy of 2012 <br />DEIR for Canyon Springs proposal: <br />Traffic at Edinburgh Drive. <br />Project will increase average daily volumes during construction <br />at Glenshire Drive, Somerset, Courteny, and Edinburgh Current DEIR traffic <br />study does not take into account all aspects of build out of existing subdivisions. <br />ie. Elkhorn Ridge, Sierra Bluffs, Olympic Heights Juniper Hills, & The Meadows. <br />Current real estate property on the market East of this project is a 3 17 acre parcel <br />and a 60 acre parcel that advertises eventual access off of Martis Peak road! Did <br />not the "county accept all roads in Glenshire area, and its conditions for intended use ". <br />Further, states that "Edinburgh Drive as a secondary access means this project dumps <br />hundreds of cars on a road intended as a dead end ". Streets cannot handle construction <br />trucks of 7 tons. <br />Fire gate proposed for Edinburgh should be concrete, and not on a hypo- <br />thesis based on inconclusive average daily traffic volumes. 2006 study showed a 1,000% <br />increase from 150 to 1630 with project. Current study for DEIR shows a decrease in ADT <br />volumes? Obviously, this study doesn't factor in Martis Peak ADT flows if Edinburgh is used <br />as a geographically desired route due to proximity of downtown Truckee. Hazardous <br />winter conditions (closure of 1 -80) and fire evacuations would further exacerbate traffic <br />not calculated in DEIR for this project, and would further diminish character of Edinburgh <br />Drive and adjacent road arteries. <br />Wetlands <br />Continued monitoring system not intermittent based on full build out of project should be <br />seriously considered for seasonal creek run -off of potential contaminates. Flows from <br />this project should not impact existing meadows and greenbelt creeks below and in this <br />project site. Glenshire Pond was omitted in the 2012 DEIR <br />Wildlife cos -4 p.4.2 <br />Conclusions of a 3 year deer study has not been included in the DEIR. Current analysis <br />has also not been updated. Fish and Wildlife supports larger lot sizes allowing better <br />opportunities for deer movement. <br />In the 27 years I have resided on Edinburgh Drive, observations, as well as pictures taken, <br />I of 2 2/25/2013 6:49 PM <br />