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TOWN OF TRUCKEE <br /> _ 731 07 ` ZONING ADMINISTRATOR <br /> l - i7 Y <br /> *1'11;E REGULAR MEETING MINUTES <br /> 4. <br /> e . 1 o 'e January 1, 2012 <br /> • �� a •e +se �. afe �� Town Hall — Administrative Center <br /> 10183 Truckee Airport Road, Truckee, CA <br /> 1. CALL TO ORDER. The meeting was called to order at 1:02 p.m. by Zoning Administrator, <br /> John McLaughlin. <br /> Attendees Present: John McLaughlin, Zoning Administrator /Community Development <br /> Director; Denyelle Nishimori, Associate Planner; Laura Dabe, Administrative Secretary; <br /> Item 4.1: Gavin Ball, Agent; Jake Hudson, Holdrege & Kull, Project Geotechnical <br /> Engineer; Charles and Margaret Messner, Adjacent Homeowners. <br /> 2. PUBLIC COMMENTS. None. <br /> 3. APPROVAL OF MINUTES. <br /> 3.1 September 15, 2010 — Regular Meeting <br /> Minutes were approved as submitted. <br /> 4. PUBLIC HEARINGS. <br /> 4.1 Application No. 11- 025 /MUP -VAR (Borowitz Setback Variance); Barry Borowitz, <br /> Owner /Applicant. Denyelle Nishimori, Associate Planner. <br /> The applicant is requesting Variance approval to allow for existing rock retention walls <br /> greater than four feet in height to remain up to approximately 15.6 feet within the required <br /> 20 -foot rear yard (eastern) setback and Minor Use Permit approval to allow for existing <br /> rock retention walls greater than four feet in height to remain up to two feet within the <br /> required northern 10 -foot side yard setback. <br /> Staff Recommendation: Staff is recommending a series of conditions, including having <br /> someone on site to make recommendations and requiring a building permit; review by the <br /> Chief Building Official will ensure there are no Town concerns about safety issues or the <br /> long -term life of the retaining wall. <br /> APPLICANT PRESENTATION: <br /> Gavin Ball stated that he met with the applicants and Jake Hudson of local geotechnical <br /> firm Holdrege & Kull to address resolving the nonconformity and fixing the notice filed <br /> against the property. From the geotechnical and homeowner perspective, three things <br /> need to be addressed: (1) the stability of the current wall, (2) the stability of the end <br /> proposal (stepping back of wall at the southeast corner) and (3) how the work gets done in <br /> the field in terms of construction. Ball mentioned the requirement (Condition No.12) that <br /> Zoning Administrator Meeting — January 31, 2012 <br /> Page 1 <br />